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Department and Special Use Permits

Annual Disability | $64

Available for purchase online by university faculty, staff, students or frequent visitors who provide photo identification and current registration for a state-issued Disability permit or Disability license plates. As an alternative to an in-office purchase, this required information may be pre-submitted electronically to be made eligible for online purchase. If state-issued Disability permit is non-expiring, there will be no need to annually update state information after the initial submittal. Disability permit holders may park in: ADA marked spaces, any regular colored lot space, metered spaces, posted time spaces and valid campus walkway spaces.

Please contact our office for details: 208-885-6424.

Temporary Disability | $1/day

Purchase information: Permit Forms.

Temporary | $1- $4/day 

One-day and ten-day Gold, Red and Blue permits are available for purchase in-office only. Eligibility and use of these permits is consistent with eligibility and use of the annual Gold, Red and Blue permits.

Department | $325

Available for purchase by university departments to be used by employees attending work-related meetings away from office location. Valid for 2.5 hours in the following posted spaces: Reserved - Departmental Permits, colored lots and meters/timed spaces. Purchase information: Permit Forms.

Departmental Scratch-Off Visitor | $2/permit/day

University of Idaho departments that host visitors may purchase Scratch-Off Visitor Permits in advance. A Visitor Permit Request Form must be submitted to the Parking Office at least two weeks prior to the date permits or services are needed. Minimum order of 5 permits. To be valid, appropriate date must be scratched off on the Visitor Permit while displayed in vehicle.

Service and Delivery | Prices Vary

Temporary Delivery and Service permits are $2/day for non-UI affiliates and complimentary for UI faculty/staff/students. While the Temporary Delivery permit can be ordered online, the Temporary Service permits must be obtained at our office. These permits are valid only for the dates printed on the permit.

Annual Service permits ($10 for UI affiliates, $325 for non-university affiliates) and annual Delivery permits ($10 for UI affiliates, $172 for non-university affiliates) are available by completing the online form.

Service permits may be used in the following spaces for a maximum of 2 hours: signed service space, meters, timed spaces and regular colored lot spaces; and may be used in a signed Delivery space for 1 hour maximum. Delivery permits may be used in the following spaces for a maximum of 1 hour: signed delivery space, meters, timed spaces and regular colored lot spaces. Neither permit may exceed 30 minutes in the parking lot most commonly used or most convenient to use by staff within the department/unit which has been issued the permit – referred to as a “home” lot. These permits are not valid in reserved or disability spaces or areas not designated as parking spaces.

Vendor | $325

Annual Vendor permits are available for work-related use by individuals who provide services to campus but are not directly employed by the university. Vendor permits may be requested by completing the online form.

Vendor permits are valid in the following areas: regular spaces in colored lots (no time limit), designated “Valid Campus Walkway Permit Required” spaces on the campus walkway for 30 minutes, and meters or timed spaces for 2 hours. Vendor permits are NOT valid in service/delivery spaces, reserved spaces, disability spaces and all other areas not designated as a parking space.

Daycare | $10

Available for those who have children attending West Park Elementary, Early Childhood Learning Center or the Child Development Lab. Valid for 15 minutes in all colored lots. Purchase information: online form.

Visitor | $2/day

Available for purchase online or at the Parking Office. Valid in all colored lots, valid for overnight parking in Purple, Silver and Green lots. Faculty, staff and students are not eligible.

Library Overnight | $0

Available for library patrons visiting the library between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. Valid only in Lot 24. Obtain this permit online. Please log into your student or employee parking account to select the permit and print it off. 

Media | $0

Available for official media personnel. Valid in meters/timed spaces for 2 hours and all colored lots (no time limit). Available in-office only.

Overnight | Price Varies

Required for parking between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. in Gold, Red or Blue lots. Gold permits allow overnight parking in Gold lots. Permit is $0 for individuals who hold an annual permit or $10 otherwise. Overnight permits can also be purchased by the day for $2/day. Purchase information: online form.

Early Morning Activity |Price Varies

Allows parking from 5 a.m. to 7:45 a.m. in Gold lot 39, Red lot 24 and Red lot 34. Permit is $0 for individuals who hold an annual permit or $10 otherwise.
Purchase information: Permit Forms.

ROTC | $10

For current ROTC members; allows parking from 5 a.m. to 7:45 a.m. in Red or Blue lots (excluding Red lot 51). Purchase information: online form.

Proper Permit Display
DISPLAY YOUR PERMIT PROPERLY. Parking permits should be placed on the lower drivers-side windshield.

Contact Us

Physical Address:
1006 Railroad Street
Rm 135
Moscow, ID

Office hours:
M-F, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Phone: 208-885-6424
Fax: 208-885-4219

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Dr.
MS 4106
Moscow, ID