Nuclear Engineering, M.Engr.

Harness the power of pollution-free energy.

Nuclear energy is the largest source of emission-free energy in North America, with exciting applications in electricity and hydrogen production, industry and medicine, national security, and other areas.

While the potential uses for the pollution-free energy source are great, there is a critical shortage in qualified nuclear engineers and scientists needed to develop the technology. This program provides the advanced technical education and quality research experiences to help you meet this demand in industry, government and academia.

Areas of specialization include nuclear fuel processing, materials, radioactive waste treatment and management; thermal behavior and measurement; nuclear systems design and modeling; and applications of nuclear process heat.

This program could be a good fit if you:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering or related field
  • Have a strong foundation in math, science and physics
  • Interested in alternative energy
  • Are a creative problem solver
  • Want to lead research in the field

With this degree, you could become a/an:

  • nuclear engineer
  • project engineer
  • associate engineer
  • development engineer

Available On-Campus