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*The Registrar's Office holds a bi-weekly staff meeting every other Tuesday. The office will open one hour later on those days.

Event Scheduling Policy

Please use the Request a Classroom form to request a general classroom for an event.

General purpose classrooms are used for academic instruction, study or other similar scholarly activity.  Events in these spaces must be compatible with the academic nature of classrooms and academic buildings.  Non-class events are welcome, but must not adversely impact the classroom, its contents, its instructional capabilities, or the surrounding area.

All event requests must be submitted at least three working days in advance. This allows time for appropriate notification to support services including facilities, campus security, and Information Technology Services. Instructors should submit room event requests through their departmental administrative assistant. All academic course events require the current instructor on record with the Registrar's Office to be present.

Activities not compatible with general purpose classrooms include amplified music, dances, dinners, parties, and events that require re-furnishing of rooms or removal of equipment. Non-compatible events include any event that adversely impacts the classroom directly, or that impacts research, study or other academic pursuits in areas adjacent to classrooms. Events such as theater, stage events, or performances are accommodated depending on the specific details of the event and availability of appropriate classroom spaces. Food/Drinks are not allowed in general classrooms.

Reservations are handled in the following order: 1) Faculty/Department events that are directly related to academic courses/activities, 2) University departments or affiliates, 3) ASUI recognized student groups.

The Office of the Registrar does not schedule rooms for student-led study groups or accept requests from students. Faculty advisors may request classrooms for ASUI recognized student organizations. Students wishing to hold private study groups can contact the University Library or the Idaho Commons. On campus living groups can request rooms for academic programs, requests must be sponsored by their administrative offices and require extra documentation. All users of classrooms are expected to leave the classroom and its equipment in good order. Keeping a classroom in good order includes chairs and tables straightened, electronic equipment shut off, taking away or properly disposing of everything that was brought to the event. Users are also expected to take extra care that no damage is done to classrooms or classroom furniture or equipment and that the room is returned to a class-ready condition.

Scheduling Practices

The scheduling of meetings and other events will open no sooner than ten days prior to the start of a semester. Academic courses and supporting functions take first priority. Other requests that are submitted earlier will be held in a pending file and reviewed on a first come, first served basis.

The scheduling staff will assign each event reservation to the most appropriate space available. Requests for specific rooms or spaces will be honored when possible. The Scheduling Team reserves the right to re-assign space when necessary and to identify suitable alternative space for the original reservation. The Scheduling Team is the sole authority in determining general purpose classroom availability.

There will be a minimum of 10 minutes between scheduled events. All events will follow the design of the Standard Lecture Course Time Table and will be scheduled to end at either :20,  :45 or :50 minutes past the hour. It is important to consider necessary set up and take down times when setting event start and end times.

Academic study sessions occurring during finals week can be scheduled no sooner than one month prior to the start of finals.  Classroom space is very limited during finals week; the scheduling staff will do all they can to honor these requests, but may suggest alternative times based on classroom availability.

After an event request is approved and the room assigned, scheduling staff will send the requester an email confirmation. This confirmation should be used to document the approved use of the room. Room requests are not approved until an e-mail confirmation is issued by the scheduling staff. Event request questions should be sent to classroomscheduling@uidaho.edu. Events will not be scheduled on official holidays when the University is closed. If the University experiences an emergency closing due to weather, utility failure, or other unforeseen disaster, the event is considered cancelled.

Event Sponsor Responsibilities

The sponsoring organization of an event request must designate a UI faculty or staff contact person. This individual will be responsible for all information provided in the request, is deemed responsible for proper conduct at the event, and for returning the classroom to its original configuration.

Once approved, reservations cannot be transferred or loaned to another organization, unit, or individual without prior written/e-mail approval from the scheduling staff. The event sponsor is responsible for damages or additional cleanup fees incurred in a classroom during the course of an event. Any items brought in support of the event should be removed promptly and the room returned to its original configuration.

The type of activity submitted in the event reservation may not be changed from that requested without prior written approval from the scheduling staff. Specifically, an event may not be changed from those identified above as compatible to those listed as non-compatible.

Transferring, loaning or sub-leasing a reservation or misrepresenting the intended use of the room is a serious matter that may result in immediate suspension of a group's eligibility to use classroom facilities. Requests to change or cancel an event must be communicated to the scheduling staff in a timely fashion.

A reservation does not provide event support services such as A/V equipment, extra custodial support or security. (These items are examples of extra services that may be available, if arranged with other departments on Campus.) The event sponsor is responsible for the planning and coordination of all event-related arrangements. Under no circumstances is furniture or other property to be removed from the reserved room or removed from other surrounding rooms.

Failure to adhere to these policies may subject the event sponsor to cleaning/repair fees and/or restriction of space usage privileges.

Student Group Reservations

The scheduling staff will accept requests from and schedule reservations for student groups who are recognized by ASUI. Requests should be made by the faculty/staff advisor for the group who will be present at the event. All other event scheduling policy and guidelines are in place for student group events.

The event sponsor will be held responsible and charged for damages or extraordinary cleanup incurred during a student group event.

Classroom Use Fees

General purpose classrooms are provided at no charge for University of Idaho academic programs, courses, and academic events. University departments sponsoring events that include external (non-university) groups will be subject to fees based on the number and size of the spaces required.  External (non-university) groups will be assessed a fee for use of a general classroom.

Room use fees are based on the size of the classroom reserved and are built in 3-hr time blocks. Fee estimation will be provided to the requestor by the scheduling staff prior to final confirmation of the event.

The daily use fee is for classroom space and white/chalk board use. Most in-classroom multimedia equipment cannot be accessed by 3rd party groups, unless media training/access has been made in advance with Information Technology Services. In-classroom multimedia equipment is available to all University faculty/staff who have completed ITS training.

Facilities Information

Rooms are provided in "as is" condition. Regular custodial servicing of general purpose classrooms occurs after hours during the late evening and overnight shifts. For many events, rooms may need to be straightened and tidied prior to the event start. This pre-servicing is not provided in the event reservation.

Depending on the nature of the request, additional custodial fees may apply to events in general purpose classrooms. If applicable, custodial fee information will be provided in the event confirmation. If the reservation requires additional cleaning after the event, payment for the additional custodial services may be billed to the sponsoring department. The scheduling staff does not control the use of hallways and public space other than general purpose classrooms. Setup of desks, tables, booths, or food service in hallways or public space must be arranged in advance with appropriate facilities or building coordinators. Any use of hallways should not restrict access to the classroom or interfere with any surrounding areas.

Hours of Availability

Based on room availability, events can be scheduled during normal classroom operating hours between 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Events outside of these hours are possible, but require extra time to schedule and confirm with other University support services. No events will be scheduled on University holidays.

Classrooms are typically unlocked during these hours; however specific classrooms may have a more restrictive schedule and may be locked. The scheduling staff coordinates with campus Facilities Management offices for after hours and weekend room access. The University is not open on University holidays. (In the unfortunate event of a room being locked during your evening or weekend reservation, call 208-885-6271 for assistance.)

Room Equipment and Features

Many of the general-purpose classrooms have technology and support equipment permanently installed. Use of the room does not include access to locked equipment. Classroom storage, equipment rooms, and projection booths are not included in the reservation and entry into these areas is not authorized. (Teaching assistants and graduate students who have access to the locked equipment for course usage and support are not authorized to access the locked areas for event usage.)

Existing technology or systems may not be opened or modified in any way. Laptops/notebooks or other computing devices connected to University networks in general purpose classrooms must adhere to University policies including registration and security requirements.

Contact ITS-Classrooms Support Services for access, training and questions about classroom multimedia equipment. Only trained faculty/staff will be able to access the classroom equipment.


Wheelchair accessibility to general purpose classrooms is provided in some but not all buildings or rooms.  Please discuss accessibility needs at the time of placing your event request.  University Disability Services may also be of assistance at 208-885-6307.

Classroom Scheduling Website

The Classroom Scheduling site contains a wealth of information on all aspects of general purpose classrooms. The site includes a list of attributes and features specific to each room.  The room search function also includes a photo of each room, and evacuation diagram.

Media Equipment Technical Support

Technical support for general use classrooms can be fount with ITS Classroom Support Services.


General purpose classrooms do not have telephone conferencing capability.


Alcohol is expressly prohibited in general use classrooms.


University policy prohibits smoking in campus buildings, including classrooms and auditoriums.