Office of the Registrar

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Office Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm*
Summer: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm*
Bruce M. Pitman Center, Room 119

*The Registrar's Office holds a bi-weekly staff meeting every other Tuesday. The office will open one hour later on those days.

Final Exams

General Policies

Instructors may deviate from the approved schedule only upon recommendation of the college dean and prior approval of the Provost.  Regular classrooms will be used for the exam unless instructors make special arrangements through the Registrar's Office.  Refer to Regulation H of the General Catalog for more information.

Common Finals

Common final exams are scheduled from 7-9pm, Monday through Thursday of finals week.  Departments needing to schedule a common final must contact the Office of the Registrar.

Evening Classes

Evening classes, starting at 5pm or later, will have the final examination during final exam week at the regular class time.

Online Classes

Online classes, which have in-person finals, will have the final examination on Saturday following final exam week during Fall semester and Saturday prior to final exam week during Spring semester.

Excess Exams

Students with more than two finals on one day may have the excess final(s) rescheduled.  The conflict exam periods are from 5-7pm on Thursday or Friday of finals week.  The student must make arrangements with the department and instructor of the course to schedule an exam in a conflict period.  Arrangements to have the excess exam(s) scheduled during the conflict period must be pre-approved by the instructor and department prior to finals week.

Non-Standard Class Meeting Times

Classes with a non-standard meeting pattern will use the final exam start time in the day/time pattern of the earlier hour. For example, a Tuesday class starting at 8:30am will use the 8am Tuesday final exam time.

Class Time not in Final Schedule

For class meeting times not found in the final schedule, the instructor of the class is responsible for contacting the Office of the Registrar to identify the appropriate day and time for the final exam.

No Exam Week

No quizzes or exams shall be given in lecture-recitation periods during the week before final exam week. Exams in labs, physical education activity classes, final in-class essays in English composition classes, and final oral presentations in speech classes are permitted.