Degree Audit

VandalWeb allows students and their advisors to check their degree progress at any time.  Students can access their degree audit report under the Student Records/Grades/Degree Audit menu.  If you are seeking two degree programs, there is a drop-down option on the Degree field at the top of the degree audit to make a selection.  There is also a What If option to allow you to explore other degrees and majors.  You can view the Introduction to Degree Audit handout [pdf] for a general overview with tips and tricks for accessing and reading your degree audit.

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Undergraduate Students

For undergraduates, the degree audit lists all requirements for their declared major including core, department, and college requirements.  Undergraduate degree audits update automatically with each change of major and at the end of each term after grades are posted.  Declared minors and academic certificates will appear in the degree audit with their requirements.

Upon approval from their academic advisor and department chair (and college, if required), undergraduate students may submit a Degree Audit Substitution/Waiver Request form for alternative degree, major, or minor requirements.

Graduate Students

For graduates, their degree audit report is generated from their study plans.  Study plans are entered on VandalWeb and then reviewed by your Major Professor, your department, the College of Graduate Studies and the Office of the Registrar.  After your proposed study plan is approved a degree audit that is personalized to your unique program will be produced.

To start the process of designing and submitting a study plan:

  1. Meet with your major professor/program advisor and identify what classes will make up your study plan.
  2. Enter these classes into the Educational Planner in your degree audit and Save your plan.
  3. Check your VandalMail for messages as your plan is reviewed and approved.

If you need to make changes to your study plan after it has been approved, use the Change of Study Plan form in VandalWeb; please see below for tutorials.

Videos [requires Windows Media Player

Instructional Sheets [pdf]

Faculty & Advisors

It is the responsibility of faculty and advisors to review and approve graduate student study plans using the electronic approval system.  The following resources are provided for instruction in working with the electronic approvals.

Instructional Sheets [pdf]