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Credit Evaluation Overview

The Evaluation of Transfer Credit

  • Transfer courses are evaluated on a course-by-course basis; bachelor-level courses are transferable. Credit for vocational or technical courses are transferable within limitations.
  • For the evaluation of some transfer courses it may be necessary for students to provide detailed course descriptions and syllabi.
  • Students who have earned an Associate of Arts (A.A.) or Associate of Science (A.S.) degree from a regionally-accredited institution will enter the University of Idaho with their general education requirements satisfied.
  • Students who have completed the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) at a regionally-accredited California community college will enter the University of Idaho with their general education requirements satisfied.
  • Transfer work does not affect the official University of Idaho institutional GPA, which is used for determining academic standing and graduation.
  • Courses transfer to the University of Idaho on the same level as taken (lower or upper division) at the original institution.
  • Transfer courses given the University of Idaho number 000 transfer as elective credit.
  • Quarter credits are converted to semester credits; one quarter credit equals 2/3 (0.667) of a semester credit.
  • Credits earned by CEEB (AP), CLEP, and International Baccalaureate exams are considered transfer credits.
  • The University of Idaho requires that transcripts from international institutions be evaluated by an academic credential service before transfer credit is evaluated and posted.  All transfer credit accepted from international institutions will be recorded using pass/fail grading.
  • Credit earned at an international institution will be evaluated for transfer based on the University of Idaho's definition of a credit and best practice standards.  In some instances, credit earned at other institutions may not equate to a credit earned at the University of Idaho.
  • USAC Study Abroad offers two types of programs; the USAC Language and Culture Program and institutional exchanges.  USAC Language and Culture Program credit is recorded as University of Idaho institutional credit; institutional exchanges are recorded as transfer credit.
  • Transfer credit accepted by the College of Graduate Studies and the College of Law is recorded using pass/fail grading.