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How Wait Lists Work

When a class reaches its maximum enrollment capacity and additional students attempt to register, a wait list is then created if it has been made available by the department.


When a students attempts to register for a class that is full, he or she will receive a registration error message and be informed if a wait list is available.  In order for the student to officially wait list for the class, he or she must select the Wait List option form the Action drop-down and click the Submit Changes button to complete the request. Students are not automatically put onto a wait list.  All registration prerequisites must be met before a student can wait list.  Being on a wait list does not constitute registration and therefore the credits do not count toward enrollment.

Students may register and wait list for multiple sections of the same class.  However, they may not be registered in more than one section of the same class.  Classes can be added and dropped to achieve the desired schedule if space opens in a wait listed class.


Students must be diligent in checking VandalMail for notification of space opening and registration availability in wait listed classes.

  • The student will be notified via VandalMail and must take action to register themselves within 24 hours.
  • The student logs into VandalWeb and selects the Add/Drop Classes page, then uses the Action drop-down next to the class to select Web Registered and clicks the Submit Changes button.
  • Time conflicts and all financial and registration holds must be resolved before adding a wait listed class is allowed.
  • If no action is taken, the student will be dropped after the 24-hour window. 
  • If the student still wishes to enroll in the class after being dropped, they must re-add (and select the Wait List option).


Students who are granted permission via a registration override from the academic department to register from the wait list must take action on the Add/Drop Classes page in VandalWeb by:
  • Selecting the Drop option in the Action drop-down and clicking the Submit Changes button to remove from schedule.
  • Then add the class again by entering the CRN or using Class Search.
  • The registration will be confirmed when Web Registered appears next to the class.


Wait lists are available through the online registration deadline for each session of fall, spring, and summer semesters.  All registration deadlines supersede any notification time indicated beyond deadlines.  All registration actions must be completed by the semester deadlines.  Wait lists will automatically be dropped after the registration deadline.