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Lou Edwards Endowed Chair for Chemical Engineering

We Did It!

Lou Edwards Endowed Chair A First for Chemical Engineering

Thank you to the many loyal & generous donors who made the Lou Edwards Endowed Chair a reality. Under Bill Thomson’s volunteer leadership, $2 million was raised over 12 years, creating the first endowed chair in Chemical Engineering at the University of Idaho. This position will continue Lou Edwards’ tradition of excellence in leadership, teaching and research, and enable U of I to attract and retain top faculty members. The faculty search will take place in 2021-22 and the first Lou Edwards Endowed Chair in Chemical Engineering will be named in fall 2022.

Seeking Top Faculty

The Lou Edwards Endowed Chair in Chemical Engineering position is currently open, and qualified candidates are encouraged to apply. This position closes on March 28, 2022.

Thank You, Supporters!

View the generous alumni who have donated from your class decade, and join them in support of this endowed position.

Lou Edwards Fund Leaderboard
Decade ChE Alumni


Richard Abbott
Ronald Baldus
James Batdorf
Kelly Carothers
Ralph Cavalieri
Robert Chang
David Crea
Tristan Donlevy
Keith Euhus
Clayton Freeberg
Geoffrey Gilmore
Wayne Hager
Marjorie Hatter
James Haynes
Alan Herbst
George Hoech
Jeffrey Holmes
Donald James
Ben Kawakami
Jerry Keely
Christopher Kellogg
Duane Koch
George Kurdy
Lucinda Lomas
David McFarland
Anders Ohlsson
Arlin Olson
Don Schaechtel
Schaechtel Giving Account in Fidelity Charitable
Yogendra Soni
Kirk Stedman
Godwin Tongo
Keith VanScotter
Venkatesh Venkatakrishnan
Paul Warner
J. Warner
Raymond Wong
ranked #1


Larry Arnold
C. Campbell
David Drown
Wayne Eckert
Robert Harrell
Deena Henkins
Allen Kartchner
Robert Keller
Stephen Miller
James Okeson
Rob Pabst
Lyle Parks
Donald Scully
Charles Sievert
George Simmons
Richard Smith
Durward Stolp
Steve Strecker
William Thomson
Gary Van Stone
Robert Vance
Patrick Wicks
ranked #2


Alfred Janssen
Allie Pisanski
Anders Ohlsson
Ann Schaechtel
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
Cheryl O'Brien
Chevron Corporation
Christine Masters
Clare Moore
ConocoPhillips Company
Donald Baer
Donald Sundberg
Doris Edwards
Gordon Bopp
Ingredion Incorporated
Jean'ne Shreeve
Jesse Brown
John Barker
Joy Irving
Julie Thomas
Katelin Wille
Kenton Bird
Lois Tretter
Margrit von Braun & Ian von Lindern
Martin Buehler
Mary Lee Ryba
Matthew Bernards
Melva Hoffman
Michael Gondek
Randy Nebel Charitable Fund
Shell Oil Company Foundation
The Dow Chemical Company Foundation
Tom Yu
ranked #3


Robert Furgason
Glenwood Robinson
Editha Rowell
Bess Vance


Doug Asbe
Nicholas Bowen
Thomas Busmann
Candis Claiborn
Kirk Daehling
Julie Erickson
Andrew Goerdel
Robert Hart
Bridgette Hendricks
Erika Johnston
Rakesh Kadakia
Timothy Kast
David Kubosumi
Larry and Pene Lloyd
Jeffrey Madsen
Terence McHugh
Michael Myers
David Nelson
Chris Niederer
Christopher Niederer
Mark Nordquist
Dan Oakes
Barry O'Brien
Karen Payne
Holton Quinn
James Rushton
Gayle Schaeffer
Pami Singh
Andrea Slayton
Janis Stevenson
Emmitt Steverson
Eva Strand
Ronald Stubbers
Julia Tripp
Steven VanSlyke
Paul Wakagawa
Matt Wigle


Eric Aston
Todd Brooks
Jeremy Dillon
Shannon Fuchs
Max Hueftle
Derrick Kraus
Stephen Martin
Kent Robarge
Elizabeth Scott
Daniel Smith
James Yates


Dusty Berggren
Ariel Brinn
Andy Bussey
Ed Cimbalik
Leif Elgethun
Kyle Hansen
Aashika Jain
Kevin Jones
David Juhasz
Kurt Krohmer
James Moberly
Sean Mollberg
Andrew Nemec
Elizabeth Schierman
Jason Stedman
David Thrasher
Justin Trinter
Gary Vance
Leon Walters


Arthur Humphrey


Malcolm Renfrew


Nicholas Eimers
Natalie Kirch
Kyle Koelsch
Hannah Law
Quinn MacPherson
Danielle Milligan
Theodore Warner

We Reached Our $2 Million Goal!

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Updated March 30, 2021
“An endowed chair builds the reputation of our program. It indicates a certain distinction in teaching and provides opportunities to pursue research with a high potential for return. ” ERIC ASTON, Professor, Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering

The University of Idaho College of Engineering is one of the leading engineering programs in the Northwest.

Part of that prestige lies in our excellent faculty, who attract highly-skilled students to our hands-on programs and research opportunities.

The Lou Edwards Endowed Chair in Chemical Engineering will continue Lou’s tradition of excellence in leadership, teaching and research, and enable U of I to attract and retain top faculty members.

An endowed chair is a distinguished faculty position funded through an endowment.

Why give to an endowed chair?

Your gift provides resources beyond what the university alone can offer, including:

  • A stable and permanent revenue source for excellent faculty
  • Building our college’s reputation as a top-tier research university
  • Hiring and retention of top faculty members
  • Funding for undergraduate and graduate research positions working alongside faculty
  • Connection between our college and national industry leaders

About Lou Edwards 1936-2016

Lou Edwards, 1936-2016, received several awards for his contributions to teaching and research and was a talented faculty member who made a difference in the lives of many U of I students.

Originally from Montana, Lou earned a bachelor’s degree at Rensselaer Engineering and a master’s at the University of Delaware. He first came to Idaho in 1961, and was one of the Department’s first Ph.D. students, receiving his doctorate in 1966. He received the Technical Association of Pulp and Paper Industry’s Pulp Manufacture Division Technical Award and Johan C.F. C. Richter Prize in 2014. During his career, he published more than 100 technical papers and served as a consultant to over 30 pulp and paper companies worldwide.

Contact Us

Chief Strategic Partnerships Officer

Mailing Address:
College of Engineering
875 Perimeter Drive MS 1012
Moscow, ID 83844-1012

Phone: 208-885-5303