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Nuclear Engineering

R. A. Borrelli, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Nuclear Engineering, Graduate Faculty


Campus: Idaho Falls
Courses: Principles of Nuclear Engineering, Master's Research and Thesis, Risk Assessment
Areas of Expertise: Advanced fuel cycle analysis, Open source scientific computing, Pyroprocessing, Safeguards- and security-by-design, Geologic repository design, Neutronics, Nuclear hybrid energy systems analysis, Cybersecurity, plant modernization, digital I&C, Risk assessment, management

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Indrajit Charit, Ph.D., P.E.

Department Chair, Professor

TAB Building, Room 314


Campus: Idaho Falls
Courses: Physical Metallurgy, Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Radiation Effects on Materials, Fundamentals of Nuclear Materials, Microstructures and Defects
Areas of Expertise: Processing-Microstructure-Property Correlations, Nuclear Materials, Structural Materials, High Temperature Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Advanced Manufacturing

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Richard Christensen, Ph.D.

Director, Nuclear Engineering

CAES 279


Campus: Idaho Falls

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Michael Haney, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Center for Advanced Energy Studies 259


Campus: Idaho Falls
Courses: Network Security, Computer and Network Forensics, Advanced Information Assurance Concepts, Special Topics
Areas of Expertise: computer and network security, forensics, applied cryptography; critical infrastructure protection including: SCADA and industrial control system protocols for power, water and nuclear systems, resilient system design; situation awareness; incident detection by IDS and honeypot systems

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Donald McEligot, Ph.D.

Visiting Professor


Campus: Idaho Falls
Areas of Expertise: Fluid dynamics: complex turbulent and transitional shear flow, entropy generation; convective heat transfer; experimental, analytical and computational approaches/thermal hydraulics

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Michael McKellar

Assistant Research Professor

McClure Hall 407A


Campus: Moscow
Courses: Ceramic Materials, Instrumental Analysis, Metallic Materials, Nuclear Degradation Mechanisms, Nuclear Component Inspection
Areas of Expertise: Energy Conversion Materials, Energy Storage Materials, Nuclear Materials, Electrochemical Synthesis of Nanomaterials

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Buchanan 312


Campus: Moscow
Areas of Expertise: thermal-hydraulics advanced heat transfer & power conversion systems, fuel cycle waste forms & treatment, used nuclear fuel disposition/management, energy storage, bioremediation, life cycle assessment.

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Haiyan Zhao, Ph.D., P.E.

Associate Professor

Center for Advanced Energy Studies 257


Campus: Idaho Falls
Areas of Expertise: catalysis for environment and fuels, electrochemistry, corrosion, molten salts/ionic liquids, pyroprocessing, fuel cycle, waste form.

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Nuclear Engineering & Industrial Management

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