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Biological Engineering, Faculty

Ching-An Peng, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair

Engineering Physics 421


Campus: Moscow
Areas of Expertise: drug/gene delivery using viral & nonviral vectors as well as ultrasonic device, developing phagocytosis-resistant perfluorocarbon-based oxygen carriers using PEGylated fluorosurfactant and CD47 ligand, photothermolysis of cancer cells using nanomaterials, detection of antiviral agents using nanobiosensors

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James Martin Lab 71A


Campus: Moscow
Courses: Engineering Analysis and Design, Fundamentals of Bioenergy and Bioproducts, Biofuels, Thermochemical Technologies for Biomass Conversion
Areas of Expertise: Utilization of bio-based resources for value-added products and renewable energy through biological / biochemical / thermochemical processing.

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Bryn Martin, Ph.D., P.E.

Associate Professor

Engineering Physics 408


Campus: Moscow
Courses: Neural Engineering, Biomedical Imaging: Techniques and Applications, Instrumentation and Measurements: Theory and Application, Neuroengineering Research, Tech Startup Entrepreneurship, Medical Imaging Instructor
Areas of Expertise: Central nervous system, cardiovascular and ocular biomechanics, cerebrospinal fluid dynamics, neurohydrodynamics, MR imaging and post-processing, computational fluid dynamics, in vitro modeling, Chiari malformation, hydrocephalus, intrathecal drug delivery, neuropheresis, cerebrospinal fluid hypothermia, medical device and instrumentation R&D

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Russell Qualls, Ph.D., P.E.

Associate Professor and Idaho State Climatologist

Engineering Physics 407


Campus: Moscow
Courses: Fundamentals of Hydrologic Engineering, Northwest Climate and Water Resources Change, Irrigation System Design, Engineering Analysis and Design

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Ben Richardson, Ph.D.

Research Faculty

Engineering Physics 410


Campus: Moscow
Courses: WWAMI Medical Pharmacology
Areas of Expertise: Neurophysiology, Neural coding properties, Ligand gated ion channels, Neuropharmacology, Neural circuits, Sensory processing, Autism, Mechanism of alcoholism use disorder, Neurological responses to stress, Neural mechanisms of sensory filter/gating

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Nathan R. Schiele, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Engineering Physics 412


Campus: Moscow
Courses: Engineering for Living Systems, Tendon Research, Biomechanics of Hard and Soft Tissues, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
Areas of Expertise: tendon mechanobiology, tendon tissue engineering

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James Martin Lab 71B


Campus: Moscow
Courses:Engineering Design I, Engineering Design II, Energy and Environmental Auditing, Bio Image Processing and Computer Vision
Areas of Expertise: Environmental Impact Assessment, Advanced Biofuel Production, Industrial Energy Efficiency, Instrumentation and Controls, Precision Agriculture

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Sarah (Xiao) Wu, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Engineering Physics 404


Campus: Moscow
Courses: Bioprocess Engineering
Areas of Expertise: Waste/biomass conversion for energy and chemical uses; Plasma technology for food processing, renewable energy and chemicals/materials; Advanced water and waste treatment technology; Microbiology and biochemical kinetics related to biological treatment of waste waters

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Biological Engineering