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Wellness 365

Wellness 365 is our commitment to a year of wellness. We will be highlighting various health and wellness issues every quarter for 2019, which will include challenges, activities, and information to help employees live better and be well for the entire year. Check out the Wellness 365 calendar to stay informed about what is going on in 2019!

  • Awareness

    Check out the Wellness 365 calendar and the links below to see what is going on in health and wellness awareness.
  •  Health Coaching

Andrew Panatopoulos is a dedicated resource to helping University of Idaho employees.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology and his Masters in Public Health.  He also has over seven years of experience in corporate health and wellness, personal training, and population health.  He has a passion for educating and motivating people to adopt sustainable healthy lifestyles by making realistic changes that are enjoyable. 

Sarah Brunelle is also a dedicated resource to helping University of Idaho employees.  She has a Bachelor of Science in dietetics and has three years of clinical nutrition experience along with maternal, adolescent/infant and sports nutrition counseling.  She is passionate about integrating nutrition and exercise to create a balanced way of life that promotes mental, physical and emotional well being.  

  • What are the Benefits of health Coaching?
    • Health coaches work one-on-one with members to provide them the support and tools that can make all the difference when it comes to being successful when making lifestyle changes.
    • Health coaches give members the support they need to achieve their goals by creating customized plans to help them follow their healthcare provider's recommendations.
    • Working with a Blue Cross of Idaho health coach is easy and convenient.  Participants can talk to the assigned health coach by phone, via email or even through the online WellConnected wellness portal once you have registered for an online account.
    • You can reach Sarah and Andrew by calling 208-286-3807 or 855-216-6844 and selecting the option for the program you are calling about or email

Wellness 365 Calendar

Explore our wellness calendar, so you can stay informed and be well all year long!


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