Applying to Graduate and Professional School

Planning and Timing Your Search and Application
There are many deadlines and time considerations to be made while searching and applying for graduate or professional school. Staying on top of these deadlines is crucial to a successful search. What are some of the common deadlines and what steps can you take to ensure a smooth application process?
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Finding the Right Graduate or Professional Program for You
There are a lot of graduate and professional schools out there, and many will offer great programs. How should you go about finding the school with the program you need, and the one that is the best fit for you?
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Preparing for Entrance Tests
Many graduate schools will require you to take an entrance exam (e.g., GRE), and each professional school could require its own specialized test (e.g., MCAT, TEAS, DAT, OAT, VCAT, GMAT, LSAT). How should you prepare and what resources are available to you?
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Crafting Your Application Materials
Once you have located the right program and taken your entrance tests, it is time to complete the application process. A variety of documents may be required (e.g., letters of application, letters of intent, research and teaching statements, statements of purpose). Which do you need and how can you craft a strong application?
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Creating a Curriculum Vitae Versus a Resume
When applying to graduate and professional schools, a resume or curriculum vitae (CV) is almost always required, but there are differences between the two. Which should you use for your application?
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