Short-Term and Long-Term Disability

Definition of Disability

When you are unable to work because of a non-work related injury or illness (including pregnancy), you may be eligible for disability benefits.  Disability benefits can provide a source of continuing income while you are unable to work. There are two types of disability benefits:

  • Short-Term Disability (STD) - provides short-term (up to 22 weeks) income protection if you become disabled from a covered injury or illness 
  • Long-Term Disability (LTD) - provides continuing income when you are unable to work for a longer period of time due to an injury or illness

View the Disability Benefits At-A-Glance Chart for coverage information.

When Benefits Begin

When eligible, your benefits will begin after the waiting period, which is the later of:

  • The 30th consecutive day of your being either "totally disabled" or "disabled and working"
  • When you have exhausted all of your sick leave

How to Apply

Additional Information and Instructions

Contact The Standard within 30 days before or after you disability occurs (or as soon as reasonably possible)

  • Call (855) 758-4773, Monday through Friday, 5:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Time)
  • Have the following information available:
    • Your department and last day of active, full-time or regularly scheduled work
    • Manager's name and phone number
    • Nature of the claim and whether it is work-related
    • Your social security number
    • Treating physician's name, address and phone number

In addition, please contact:

  • Benefit Services at (208) 885-3697 or to inform them of your last regular day worked and that you have applied for disability benefits
  • Your physician; you will need to authorize them to release medical information to The Standard so The Standard is able determine your disability claim


If approved for Short-Term Disability benefits, you will receive a weekly check from The Standard.  If approved for Long-Term Disability benefits, you will receive a check from The Standard.

Policy and Resources

Summary Plan Description - Disability Coverage

Short Term Disability Amendment

STD/LTD employee benefit election

FAQs About Short and Long-Term Disability Benefits

  • How do I know what Short-Term and/or Long-Term Disability benefits I have elected?

    Log in to your VandalWeb account and click on myBenefits (under employee tab) and view your benefit elections.

  • I have plenty of sick leave available; why would I want to apply for Short-Term Disability benefits even though my accrued sick leave will provide income until Long-term Disability kicks in?

    The Standard will begin processing your information to ensure there are no delays in receiving your long-term disability benefits.

  • If I have a Workers' Compensation injury, am I still eligible to receive Short-Term Disability benefits?

    No, however you may be eligible for Long-Term Disability benefits (if out for 6 months or longer). Payments are offset by Workers' Compensation income benefits.

  • If I am able to work 50% time, will I still receive Short-Term Disability benefits?

    Yes, however, your Short-Term Disability benefit will be reduced by the income you receive from your half-time salary.

  • If I am receiving Short-Term Disability benefits and still have annual leave available, can I use it to supplement my income?

    Yes, you will be advised how many hours you can use when you are approved for Short-Term Disability benefits.

  • What if I don't have enough sick leave to reach day 31 when Short-Term Disability benefits activate?

    The Shared Leave program is available for these situations.  Please refer to the Shared Leave Policy (FSH 3710, K).