Optional Retirement Plan


The 1990 state legislature established the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) for Faculty and Non-Faculty Exempt staff. This is a mandatory retirement program. The ORP is a defined contribution plan and is administered by Teachers’ Insurance Annuity Association/Consolidated Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA-CREF) and Variable Annuity Life Insurance Corporation (VALIC).


  • Employee contribution: 6.97%
  • University contribution: 9.255% (Effective July 7, 2013)


Employees are immediately vested upon enrollment.

Characteristics of Plans

Both administrators offer diverse investment options for eligible employees. Membership is portable with any other higher education institution offering retirement plans through TIAA-CREF or VALIC. Eligibility requirements and benefits are governed by the ORP plan document that can be found on the State Board of Education website.

Disability Protection with the ORP

The University of Idaho purchases a retirement deposit protection policy from The Standard Insurance which, if approved, continues your retirement deposits in the event of a disability. Your on-line pay records will reflect the University's contribution for this coverage as 'ORD'.

Contact Information

Phone: (800) 842-2733

Phone: (800) 448-2542