Benefits Advisory Group


The Benefits Advisory Group is a 26-member group comprised of faculty, staff and retirees who represent constituent employee and retiree groups. This group works year-round and closely with university administrators and executives.

Group members advise and make recommendations to the senior leadership as to what actions — if any — need to be considered or undertaken to ensure the plan meets the needs of the workforce, remains solvent, is affordable and performs.

The Benefits Advisory Group is always seeking additional members.  If you are interested in joining, please contact Brandi Terwilliger, HR Director, at (208) 885-3008.

Benefits Advisory Group Members

Brandi Terwilliger, Human Resources, HR Director/Co-Chair

Karrie May, Power Plant, Staff Representative/Co-Chair

Tracey Abdallah, Facilities Management, Staff Representative

Andrew Brewick, Advising Services

Mandy Brocke, Human Resources, 
Benefits Team

Cretia Bunney, Controller's Office,
 Payroll Manager

Judy Colbeck, Human Resources, Benefits Team

Linda DuBose, Caldwell - Caine Veterinary Teaching Center, Off Site Representative

Abigail Dallas, Human Resources, 
Benefits Team

Delaine Flomer, Controller's Office/Benefits, 
Benefits Accountant

Vacant, Faculty Representative

Benton Glaze, Animal Vet Science, Faculty/Off Site Representative

Carol Grupp, Retiree, Retiree Representative

John Keatts, General Accounting,
 Accounting Office

Trina Mahoney, Budget Office,
Finance Representative

Kendra Rathbone, Human Resources, 
Benefits Team

Kim Ridle, Human Resources, Benefits Team

Kerry Russell, Facilities, Staff Representative

Patrick Hrdlicka, Chemistry, Faculty/Faculty Senate Representative

Ellen Schreiber Ombudsman

Rick Schumaker, EPSCOR, 
NFE Representative

Doug Vandenboom, Controller's Office, Purchasing Services

Dave Walker, Retiree, 
Retiree Representative/UIRA

Greg Walters, Human Resources, 
HR Exec. Director

Holly Wichman, Biological Sciences, 
Faculty Representative

Darryl Woolley, Accounting Department, Faculty

Marlene Wilson, 
SAC / Staff Representative