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*The Registrar's Office holds a bi-weekly staff meeting every other Tuesday. The office will open one hour later on those days.

Enter Grades and Corrections

Instructors enter grades and grade corrections through VandalWeb.  Midterm grades are immediately viewable to students as they are submitted.  Final grades are not viewable to students until they are processed and posted by the Registrar.  Grade corrections can be submitted up to one year after the original grade was submitted (i.e. original grade for fall 2014 can be changed through the last day of fall 2015).  Submitting final grades for incomplete or in-progress grades are  considered grade corrections and are the correction process.

  • How to enter EARLY WARNING, MIDTERM, or FINAL Grades
    1. Login to VandalWeb using NetID and password
    2. Select Faculty & Advisors tab
    3. Select Grades
    4. Choose Enter EARLY WARNING Grades, Enter MIDTERM Grades, or Enter FINAL Grades
    5. Select semester from drop-down list and click Submit button
    6. Select class from drop-down list and click Submit button
    7. Select Grade for each student from drop-down list
    8. Click Submit button at bottom of roster; it is wise to click Submit often to save entry as you go so not to lose any entries
  • When Assigning Failing Grades
    If the final grade for a student is F (failing) or N (no pass/English), a Last Attend Date must also be entered due to federal regulation.  The Last Attend Date must be entered in the proper format of MM/DD/YYYY and must be within the dates of the class.  An entry error will occur if the date is not entered correctly and no entries will be saved.  Error messages will be displayed at the top of the roster as well as to the right of the student(s) listed.

    One way to prevent re-entry of all grades with errors, is to enter all passing grades first and save by selecting Submit.  Then return and enter the F grades individually for each student, submitting after each.
  • When Assigning Incomplete Grades
    A student must meets the regulation for earning an incomplete.  Incomplete grades are not "place holders" and may not be used unless the student has met the requirements for being granted such. Incomplete grades are not punitive, but remain a permanent part of the student's transcript.

    Select the I (incomplete) under the Grade option for the student on the Final Grade Roster.  Upon submission of an incomplete grade on a roster, you will be directed to the Incomplete Final Grade page where you must also:
    • select an Incomplete Final Grade from the drop-down; this is the reversion grade the student will earn if no further work is completed.  This grade does not include work yet to be completed, since the work is incomplete.
    • enter a description of the Deficient Coursework; this should briefly describe what the student has remaining to finish in the rare case that you are not able to finish with the student and the department chair would need to finalize it.
    The incomplete Reversion Date is automatically set to the latest possible date for completion.  However, the instructor may require the student to finish sooner and assign a final grade by submitting a grade correction, if the student does not complete at that time.

    Incomplete grades cannot be extended beyond the Reversion Date without an academic petition.

    Once the student has completed the work for the incomplete, instructors need to enter the final grade by submitting a grade correction.
  • Requesting Grade Corrections or Reporting Final Grade for Incompletes
    To request a grade correction or submit a final grade for an incomplete:
    1. Login to VandalWeb using NetID and password
    2. Select Faculty & Advisors tab
    3. Select Grades
    4. Select either Request Grade Correction or Submit Grade for Incomplete
    5. Choose semester from drop-down list and click Submit Term button
    6. Choose class from drop-down list and click Submit CRN button
    7. Enter birth date in requested format and click Enter button
    8. Locate the student on the roster and select New Grade from drop-down list
    9. Click Submit Grade Corrections button
    Your request will be sent to the Registrar's Office for review and processing the following business day.  An automated email will be sent to you and the student confirming the correction has been made.  If you did not submit the request, please contact the Registrar immediately.