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Out of our 100 plus faculty, about 80 are currently managing their own research groups. In fact, through their efforts and assistance from graduate students, our college receives $8 million-plus annually through nationally competitive grants. This means there are numerous opportunities to work side-by-side with faculty members who are pushing the research envelope and making discoveries in areas of hydrology, nanoscience and nanotechnology, evolutionary biology, biogenetic methods, and much more.

Featured Research

False-color image of Europa’s trailing northern hemisphere showing numerous ridges (red) and band (light colored) features. Subduction zones may also be present in the study area and are identified by arrows.
Exploring Europa’s Mysteries
Geological sciences professor Simon Kattenhorn discovers evidence of plate tectonics on Jupiter’s icy moon
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Waves on an Alien World
UI physics researchers find first evidence of waves in Titan’s methane seas
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A volcano on a Galapagos island
Unearthing the Galápagos Story
Geology professor Dennis Geist studies the surprising geology deep beneath the Galápagos Islands
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Infrared color image of Titan from the Cassini Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (VIMS) instrument.
UI Researchers Help Decode New View of Saturn’s Moon Titan, Contribute to Cassini Mission
A team of NASA researchers around the nation, including Physics Assistant Professor Jason Barnes and his team of students, revealed this week a new view of Saturn’s moon Titan.
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Pete Fuerst
Reading the Book of the Brain
Pete Fuerst's lab studies the intricate connections of the neural network
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