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Vandals Go for Launch

U of I Researcher's Dream to Study Titan Realized

Discover Dragonfly

Exploring Planetary Formation Using Kepler Data

College of Science student studies planets from faraway solar systems to understand their formation

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Brian and Gayle Hill

Undergraduate Research Leads Alumni to Success and Gratitude

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Geography Without Sight

U of I Geography program instructor, students, help develop materials for visually impaired students.

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A Formula for Connection

UI gave mathematics graduate a place to explore academics and build relationships.

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Cassini Team Spot Dust Storms on Titan

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Galápagos’ Rich Landscape

Studying one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world.

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Engaging with Saturn

A team of University of Idaho physics students and their professor study Saturn’s mysterious rings through NASA's Cassini mission.

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Glacier Park’s Forest Health is Subject of Research

A College of Science mapping research project is examining damage caused by insects in Glacier National Park.

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Synthesizing Answers

Statistics professor Michelle Wiest lends expertise in meta-analysis.

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Evolving an Explanation

How a struggling lab experiment, a bacterium that pees, and a curious UI professor are helping answer a mystery of biology.

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Exploring Geothermal Possibilities

Ideas That Matter: 2016 Research Report

UI and the Idaho National Lab researchers aim for national geothermal research facility on Snake River Plain.

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Exploring the Moon from Earth

Physics researchers use satellite images to map the moon’s geology.

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The Devil and the DNA Details

UI researcher’s expertise helps uncover hope for the cancer-plagued Tasmanian devil.

More about Paul Hohenlohe's Research

Thriving in Wildfire Country

Ideas That Matter: 2016 Research Report

Researcher Crystal Kolden and her partners across UI and at WSU are examining wildfire risks and results to help predict fires and help communities prepare and recover from fires.

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In Control

Electrical engineering and physics student Phillip Kearns designs device that uses body signals to trigger camera and prosthetics.

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You're Not Just an Undergrad

Research opportunities give students a chance to apply knowledge.

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Exploring the Unexplored

Physics student Brice McLaughlin studies unusual state of matter with industry partner.

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