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Center for Advanced Energy Studies

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CAES Center for Advanced Energy Studies


Idaho Falls

Aydogan, Fatih - Ph.D. - Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Small modular and advanced reactors, system design and analysis, nuclear safety, computational and experimental thermal hydraulics.
» fatih@uidaho.edu
Borrelli, Bob, Ph.D. - Asst. Prof., Nuclear Engineering Program
Modeling and simulation, safeguardability, nuclear security, risk assessment, scientific computing, fuel cycle analysis
» rborrelli@uidaho.edu
Christensen, Richard N., Ph.D. - Director, Nuclear Engineering Program
Inherently safe reactors, advanced heat exchangers for Gen IV reactors using molten salts and sodium, helium and supercritical carbon dioxide, application of heat exchangers to industrial processes, and enhanced surfaces for single and two phase flow heat transfer.
» rchristensen@uidaho.edu
McEligot, Donald - Ph.D. - Adjunct Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Thermal science: convective heat transfer, fluid mechanics, turbulent, laminar and transitional shear flow: experimental, analytical and computational.
» donaldm@uidaho.edu
Haiyan Zhao, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor, Chemical & Materials Engineering
In situ / operando study over heterogeneous catalysts, Oxidative dehydrogenation reaction for shale gas, Hydrodeoxgenation/deoxygenation of biofuels, Advanced characterization techniques
» haiyanz@uidaho.edu


Bitterwolf, Thomas E. - Ph.D. - Professor, Chemistry
Hydrogen production, development of novel catalytic materials for the electrolysis of water, generation of ammonia from hydrogen as transportable hydrogen material.
» bitterte@uidaho.edu
Charit, Indrajit (Indy) - Ph. D. - Associate Professor, Material Science and Engineering
Microstructure-Property Correlations, Nuclear Materials, High Temperature Mechanical Behavior of Materials (Creep, Superplasticity, Creep-Fatigue), Nanocrystalline Materials, Advanced Processing Techniques (Mechanical Alloying, Friction Stir Processing), Light Metals, Multi-functional Materials
» icharit@uidaho.edu
Crepeau, John C. - Ph.D. - Mechanical Engineering Chair, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Transition to turbulence in fluid flow and fluid stability; flow visualization; experimental and theoretical studies of drying and drying processes. Solidification of materials with internal heat generation.
» crepeau@uidaho.edu
Machleidt, Ruprecht - Ph.D. - Professor, Physics
Theoretical nuclear physics, theory of nuclear forces and nuclear matter, theoretical modeling of any kind.
» machleid@uidaho.edu
Pesic, Batric - Ph.D. - Professor, Chemical & Materials Engineering
Nanomaterials: Electrochemical deposition of nanostructures. Relevant electrochemical reaction mechanisms. Electrochemical deposition of metal oxide films. Elecrochemical deposition of magnetic thin films. Electrochemical etching (nanolithoghraphy). In-situ electrochemical studies (AFM/STM). Photoelectrochemistry. Biocorrosion.
» pesic@uidaho.edu
Potirniche, Gabriel (Gabe) - Ph.D. - Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Fatigue and fracture, constitutive modeling for metals and polymers, dynamic and impact loading, atomistic simulations, crystal plasticity, anisotropic plasticity, finite element method, solid mechanics
» gabrielp@uidaho.edu
Utgikar, Vivek - Ph.D. - P.E., Interim Director, Professor, Chemical Engineering
Development of energy utilization systems - nuclear hydrogen production, utilization and safety; reactor-hydrogen production interface; energy analysis; electrochemical engineering and fuel cells.
» vutgikar@uidaho.edu
Wai, Chien - Ph.D. - Professor, Chemistry
Supercritical fluid extraction; nanomaterials synthesis; environmental chemistry; separation chemistry.
» cwai@uidaho.edu