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S.J. Jung, Ph.D., P.E.

S.J. Jung, Ph.D., P.E.



Buchanan 101



Mailing Address

Civil & Environmental Engineering
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive, MS 1022
Moscow, ID 83844-1022

  • Ph.D., Mineral Engineering, West Virginia University, 1989
  • M.S.E.M., Mining Engineering, West Virginia University, 1984
  • B.S., Mineral Engineering, Cheong-Ju University, Korea, 1981

  • Rock mechanics
  • Spatial modeling of geological discontinuities
  • Fracture growth during hydro-fracking

S. J. Jung is professor of Geological Engineering in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. He has been extensively involved in a number of projects in the field of rock mechanics, fracture mechanics and feasibility studies. Currently, he is involved in research to enhance the understanding of the fracturing process of rock during erosion. In addition, he has been investigating failure mechanisms of pavement under fatigue loading as well as fracture growth during hydro-fracking for utilizing geothermal energy. Jung attended West Virginia University receiving his master's in mining in 1984, followed by a doctorate in mineral engineering from West Virginia University in 1989. His graduate work at WVU was comprised of a three-part investigation including theory, experimentation and field work. Upon graduation, he accepted a position at the University of Idaho as an assistant professor. He was promoted to associate professor in 1995 and to professor in 2002. He is an active member of the SME and USRM. He has authored or co-authored over 90 papers and/or presentations on subjects varying from rock mechanics to fracture mechanics. He has received over $2.3 M in research grants since he joined the U of I faculty.

  • Petersen, M.R., Chen, A, Roll, M, Jung, S.J., Yossef, M., 2015, “Mechanical Properties Of Fire-Retardant Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Materials with Alumina Tri-Hydrate Filler”, J of Composites Part B: Engineering DOI information: 10.1016/j.compositesb.2015.03.071
  • Abu Abdo, A., and S.J. Jung, 2013 “Evaluation of Prediction Models of Fatigue Asphalt Mixes”, The International Journal of Pavement Research and Technology (IJPRT), Vol 6, No. 6 issue, DOI:10.6135/
  • Eckwright, F., S.J. Jung, and A.M. Abu Abdo, 2013, “Utilizing a Particle Flow Code in 2 Dimensional Discrete Element Method of Fracture Resistance Evaluation of HMA and Brittle Rock”, Asian Journal of Civil engineering (BHRC), Vol. 15, No. 1
  • Abu Abdo, A., S.J. Jung, and S.I. Baek, 2013, “Verification of Testing Parameters of Semi-Circle Notched Beam Fatigue Test”, Asian Journal of Civil Engineering (BHRC), Vol. 14, No. 5., pp 643-654
  • Ahmad M. Abu Abdo, Frank Eckwright, S.J. Jung, Fouad Bayomy and Richard Nielsen, 2012, “Semi-circular notched beam testing procedure for hot mixture asphalt”, Proceedings of the ICE – Transport, Sept, DOI: 10.1680/tran.11.00051
  • Abu Abdo, A., F. Bayomy, R. Nielsen, T. Weaver, SJ Jung, and M. Santi, 2010, “Development and Evaluation of Hot Mix Asphalt Stability Index” International Journal of Pavement Engineering, Volume 11, Issue 6 December 2010.
  • S.J. Jung, Ba, H, Whyatt, J., 2009, ”Analysis of the KII Mode Shear Fracture Toughness for Brittle Materials” ARMA 09-56.

  • Quantifying Rock Strength from River Channel Morphology, Army Research

  • Mine Safety Training

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Buchanan Engineering Building Rm. 102

Mailing Address:

Civil & Environmental Engineering
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 1022
Moscow, ID 83844-1022

Phone: 208-885-6782