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Dev Shrestha, Ph.D.

Dev Shrestha, Ph.D.



James Martin Lab 81B



Mailing Address

81 JML
6th and Perimeter Drive
Moscow, ID 83844-2060

  • Ph.D., Agricultural Engineering / Electrical Engineering, Iowa State University, 2004
  • M.S., Agricultural and Food Engineering, Asian Institute of Technology, 1999
  • B.S., Agricultural Engineering, Bangladesh Agricultural University, 1997

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Advanced Biofuel Production
  • Industrial Energy Efficiency
  • Instrumentation and Controls
  • Precision Agriculture

Dev Shrestha does research and teaching in areas related to biological and agricultural engineering. His undergraduate, masters and doctorate was in agricultural engineering. His research area has evolved from traditional agricultural engineering such as development of vegetable oil processing equipment, computer modeling and testing of agricultural equipment, machine vision and instrumentation of advanced agricultural equipment to more biological focused engineering such as advanced technologies in biofuel production, environmental impact assessment by life cycle analysis of biofuel system, biosensor development and industrial energy efficiency improvement. He has secured more than five million dollars of total external competitive research grant funding working in than twenty projects. His current research projects have been funded by US DOE, USDA, US EPA, Idaho Department of water resources (IDWR) and National Institute of Advanced Transportation Technologies (NIATT). He has published in more than 65 research articles, majority of which are peer reviewed publications.

Shrestha is a registered profession engineer in the state of Idaho and holds one U.S. patent in developing a methods and apparatus in automated soil sampler for potato combined harvesters (US Patent # 8051725 B2). He teaches upper division/Graduate engineering courses such as BE 441/541 Instrumentation and Measurements; BE 462 Electric Power and Controls; BE 478 Engineering Design I; BE 478 Engineering Design II; BE 414 Industrial Energy Efficiency; and BE 404/504 Bio-Image Processing. Shrestha mentors and provides internship opportunities at Industrial Assessment Center to upper division engineering students form biological engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and civil engineering. He is the current director of DOE funded Industrial Assessment Center at the University of Idaho.

  • Dangol N., D. S. Shrestha, J. Duffield. 2015. Life cycle analysis and production potential of camelina biodiesel in the Pacific Northwest. Transactions of the ASABE. 58(2): 465-475
  • Saul, D. A., S. Newman, T. Lee, S. Peterson, S. Devadoss, D. S. Shrestha, N. Sanyal. 2014. Increasing prosperity for small farms through sustainable livestock production, processing, and marketing. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development. 5(1):1-17.
  • Roop, D. J., D. S. Shrestha, D. A. Saul., S. Newman. 2014. Cradle-to-gate life cycle assessment of regionally produced beef in the northwestern U.S. Transactions of the ASABE. 57(3): 927-935
  • Roop, D. J., D. S. Shrestha, D. A. Saul. 2013. Cradle-to-gate life cycle assessment of locally produced beef in the Palouse region of the northwestern U.S. Transactions of the ASABE. 56(5):1933-1941.
  • Coats, E. R., E. Searcy, K. Feris, D. Shrestha, A. G. McDonald, A. Briones, T. Magnuson, and M. Prior. 2013. An integrated two-stage anaerobic digestion and biofuel production process to reduce life cycle GHG emissions from US dairies. Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining. 7(4): 459-473.
  • Artrip,K, D. Shrestha, E. Coats, D. Keiser. 2013. GHG Emissions Reduction from an Anaerobic Digester in a Dairy Farm: Theory and Practice. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 29(5): 729-737.
  • Pradhan A., D. S. Shrestha, J. Van Gerpen., A. McAloon, W. Yee , M. Haas, and J. A. Duffield. 2012. Reassessment of life cycle greenhouse gas emissions for soybean biodiesel. Transactions of the ASABE. 55(6):2257-2264
  • Pradhan A., D. S. Shrestha, A. McAloon, W. Yee , M. Haas, and J. A. Duffield. 2011. Energy life-cycle assessment of soybean biodiesel - revisited. Transactions of the ASABE. 54(3):1031-1039
  • Hossain, M.D., D. S. Shrestha, and M. G. Kleve. 2010. Biosensors for Biodiesel Quality Sensing. Journal of the Arkansas Academy of Science. Vol. 64 pp 80-85.
  • Zawadzki A., D. S. Shrestha. 2009. Glycerol sensing in biodiesel using turbidimetry. Transactions of the ASABE. 52 (4):1261-1265
  • Zawadzki A., D. S. Shrestha. 2009. Biodiesel feedstock and blend level sensing using visible light spectra and neural network. Transactions of the ASABE. 52(2): 539-542
  • Pradhan A., D.S. Shrestha, J. Van Gerpen, J. Duffield. 2008. The energy balance of soybean oil biodiesel production: a review of past studies. Transactions of the ASABE 51(1): 185-194
  • Shrestha D.S., J. Van Gerpen, J. Thompson.2008. Effectiveness of cold flow additives on various biodiesel, diesel and their blends. Transactions of the ASABE 51(4): 1365-1370.
  • Zawadzki A., D. S. Shrestha and B. He. 2007. Biodiesel blend level detection using ultraviolet absorption spectra. Transactions of the ASAE, 50(4):1349-1353.
  • S. Chitrakar, C. J. Bern, D. S. Shrestha, 2006. Quantifying corn deterioration due to fungal growth by use of CO2-sensitive gel. Applied Engineering in Agriculture 22(1):81-86.
  • Shrestha, D. S., and Steward, B. L. 2005. Shape and size analysis of corn plant canopies for plant population and spacing sensing. Applied Engineering in Agriculture 21(2): 295-303.
  • Shrestha, D.S., B.L. Steward, and S.J. Birrell. 2004. Video processing for early stage maize plant detection. Biosystems Engineering, 89(2): 119-129.
  • Shrestha, D.S., and B.L. Steward, 2003. Automatic Corn Plant Population Measurement Using Machine Vision. Transactions of the ASAE 46(2): 559-565.
  • Shrestha, D.S., G. Singh, and G. Gebresenbet. 2001. Optimizing design parameters of a mouldboard plough. Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research 78(4): 377-389.
  • Shrestha, D.S., J. Tiwari, M.D. Hussain, M.A. Zaman, and M. Ahiduzzaman. 1996. Performance evaluation of manually operated mustard oil mill used in Nepal. Journal of Agricultural Machinery and Mechanization, 3 (1&2): 129-133.

  • Interdisciplinary or Collaborative Excellence Efforts Award (Highest award at the University level), University of Idaho, Moscow, ID April, 2012.
  • Innovation Award for inventing technology that can impact society, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID 2012.
  • Outstanding Academic Advisor. Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering. University of Idaho, Moscow, ID. 2010.
  • Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) Affiliate Status for significant contribution to the Center for year 2010-2011.
  • Taiganides Award for outstanding Ph.D. student from Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department, Iowa State University.2004.
  • Selected as one of the best Ph. D. papers. American Society of Agricultural Engineers/ Canadian Society of Agricultural Engineers, annual international conference, Ottawa, Canada.2004.
  • Teaching Excellence award from Iowa State University, Ames Iowa. May 2003.
  • International Leadership Award from Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, May 2003.
  • IET select paper award from Information and Electrical Technologies division at ASAE 2003 annual international conference, Sacramento, CA.
  • Professional advancement grant from Iowa State University to participate and present paper in ASAE international conference. Ames, Iowa, June 2001.
  • Gold Medal from His Majesty King of Nepal for securing outstanding position both in undergraduate and graduate level. Kathmandu, Nepal, Feb 2000.
  • Research assistantship from Iowa State University to carry out Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering Jan 2000- Dec 2003.
  • Y.Y. Kishida Prize for outstanding academic performance in Agricultural and Food Engineering Program. Bangkok, Thailand, Aug 1999.
  • Scholarship from European Union to conduct research in Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden, Jan-Apr 1999.
  • Scholarship from the Government of Netherlands to pursue Masters of Engineering in Agricultural Machinery and Management at Asian Institute of Technology, Jan 1998- Aug 1999.
  • Ramapatinath Memorial Gold Medal for securing highest percentage among students from six departments. Mymensingh, Bangladesh, Feb 1997.
  • Chancellor Gold Medal for securing first position with distinction in Agricultural Engineering for the session1993. Mymensingh, Bangladesh, Feb 1997.

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