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Chemical & Materials Engineering
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Email: che@uidaho.edu

Buchanan Engineering (BEL)
Room 306

875 Perimeter Drive MS 1021
Moscow, ID 83844-1021


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Idaho Water Center 
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Idaho Falls

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1776 Science Center Drive, Suite 306
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Engineering Outreach
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Chemical Engineering Professor Woody Admassu
Wudneh "Woody" Admassu, Ph.D.
BEL 305 | 208-885-8918
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Dr. Eric Aston
D. Eric Aston, Ph.D.
Department Chair
McClure Hall (MCCL) 403B
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Dr. Indrajit Charit, Materials Science & Engineering
Indrajit Charit, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
MCCL 405D | 885-5964
Dr. Charit joined the Materials Science and Engineering program in July 2007. He is also an affiliated faculty member in the Nuclear Engineering Graduate Program. His current projects including developing a novel fabrication route for tungsten-rhenium alloys, which will have implications for the development of advanced space nuclear reactors.
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Samrat Choudhury
Samrat Choudhury
Assistant Professor
McClure Hall (MCCL) 303C
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Chemical Engineering professor Dave Drown
Dave Drown, Ph. D.
Associate Professor
BEL 303 | 208-885-7848
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Dean Edwards
Dean Edwards, Ph.D.
BEL 319 | 208-885-7229
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James Moberly
James Moberly, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
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Batric Pesic
Batric Pesic, Ph.D.
MCCL 407B | 885-6569
Research Interests: Nanomaterials, Extractive Metallurgy, Bio-Corrosion and Remediation
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 Krishnan Raja
Krishnan Raja, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
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Mark Roll
Mark Roll, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
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Soumya Srivastava
Soumya Srivastava, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Her research interests focus on microfluidics, bio-separations, designing lab-on-a-chip system for medical diagnostic applications using dielectrophoresis, modeling and simulations, and educational research.
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Chemical Engineering professor Vivek Utgikar
Vivek Utgikar, Ph.D., P.E.
BEL 310 | 208-885-6970
Dr. Utgikar has process development, design and engineering experience in organic chemical industry and has been a consultant to a number of industries in the areas of process/product improvement and environmental compliance.
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John Wiencek, Ph.D.
John Wiencek, Ph.D.
Provost and Executive Vice President
Administration Building Room 105
(208) 885-6448
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Haiyan Zhao
Haiyan Zhao, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
CAES 257 | 208-533-8123
>> 2015 Spring Course: Chemical Engineering Analysis I
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