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Registration Overrides

Instructors and department- or college-level VandalWeb users can enter overrides for their class offerings to allow students registration privileges. A department- or college-level user is granted access to all classes offered through their department or college whereas an instructor has access to the classes he or she is teaching.

How to Enter a Registration Override

  1. Login to VandalWeb
  2. Select Faculty & Advisors Menu
  3. Select Student Menu
  4. Select Registration Overrides
  5. Select semester for override from drop-down and click Submit button
  6. Enter Student or Advisee ID or search by name (search results require the student to be your advisee or enrolled in at least one class you are teaching)
  7. Confirm selection and click Submit button
  8. Select appropriate Override option from drop-down list:
    • Override ALL Restrictions — to override all restrictions encountered and allow individual student to register. Note: this will by-pass the wait list and allow registration whereas overriding only a prerequisite, major restriction, or permission required restriction will not allow registration on a class at capacity.
    • Class Standing Restriction — to override the restriction that allows only a certain classification of student (freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior) to enroll in class.
    • Co-requisite Override — to override the required co-requisite of a class to allow the individual student to register.
    • Exceed Enrollment Limit — to override the maximum enrollment limit set on the class to allow individual student to register. Note: be sure that there is space in the room to accommodate additional students.
    • Major Restriction — to override the restriction that allows only students in a specific major to enroll in class.
    • Permission Required for Enrl — to confirm instructor or department approval for enrollment; only students who are cleared can register for these controlled classes.
    • Prerequisite Override — to override the prerequisites of class to allow individual student to register.
  9. Allow Enrlmnt from Wait List — to override wait list status to allow individual student to register.
  10. Select appropriate class section requiring override for registration and click Submit button
  11. Confirm override information and click Submit button
  12. Notify the student that he or she is now eligible to register for the class through VandalWeb

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