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Classroom Scheduling

General Policy

Classroom Scheduling has oversight of general university classrooms and is responsible for rooming course sections.  Course planning and scheduling of classroom space is dynamic each term and requires evaluation of credit hours, expected enrollment, requested attributes needed in a classroom, and other related pedagogical considerations.  The Faculty Staff Handbook provides guidance on Academic Scheduling.

Classroom facilities are to be used primarily in support of basic academic functions including teaching, research, and related scholarly activities.  Every effort will be made to ensure classroom space is assigned fairly, used appropriately, and will accommodate the instructional needs of the University. 

Food and beverages are strictly prohibited in all general university classrooms.

  • Cycles - Production Calendars
    Scheduling of courses to be taught each term and assignment of classroom space is facilitated by adhering to the dates and deadlines set in the Production Calendars.  Specific Part-of-Term designation align a course section with registration deadlines.

    Production Calendars Associated Parts of Term
    Fall 2015 1 = Full Term
    August 24-December 18
    2 = Early 8 Week
    August 24-October 16
    3 = Late 8 Week
    October 19-December 18
    Spring 2016 1 = Full Term
    January 13-May 13
    2 = Early 8 Week
    January 13-March 11
    3 = Late 8 Week
    March 21-May 13
    Summer 2016
    Review Summer guidelines regardling multiple Parts of Term
  • COWS - Courses Offered Web System
    COWS is the system used to submit course offerings which creates the Class Schedule each semester.  COWS is located in VandalWeb under the Faculty and Advisor Menu.  New staff that will be using COWS as part of their assigned duties, must first complete Banner Student training and be granted College or Departmental-level access to VandalWeb.  Faculty users will have the Faculty and Advisor Menu already in place based on their instructional assignments.

    COWS training and relevant subject access is initiated upon receipt of the COWS Access Request form after VandalWeb access is granted.  Appropriate training, facilitated by the Scheduling Team, must be completed before COWS access is granted.

    The Scheduling Handbook is the guide for course planning and COWS usage and is updated regularly with the latest information and policy updates.
  • General Classroom Usage
    The Office of the Registrar centrally manages general university classroom space.  Academic courses have first priority.  Classroom space assignment is facilitated by course scheduling software which uses an algorithm to effectively assign classrooms and maximize space utilization.  Any specific classroom assignment for a course in one term does not guarantee a continuing classroom assignment in a subsequent term.
  • Events in General Classrooms
    Once the Class Schedule has been set for a term, academic course-related and non-academic events may be scheduled by request. Refer to the Event Scheduling Policy for further guidance.

    The Room Amenities & Availability site provides a list of general university classrooms available.  To view a particular room schedule, use the 25Live Calendar.  The most efficient way to search for the schedule in a particular room is to use the Quick Search for the building or room:
    1. Use Mozilla Firefox to access the 25Live Calendar
    2. Use the Quick Search box in the center of the page by entering the building or the building and room number
    3. Click Go
    Colleges, departments, ASUI recognized student groups, and programs may schedule events, based on availability, in general classroom spaces on a first-come first-served basis.  Recognized student groups must check with the Idaho Commons/Student Union prior to making a request for general university classroom space.  A fee may be assessed for room and/or special equipment usage.  All classrooms are available "as is" and food and beverages are strictly prohibited in all general university classrooms.
  • Departmentally-Controlled Classrooms
    Assignment of department classroom space for courses requires Banner access to form SWASECT (not VandalWeb).  Users must have an active Banner account and completed Banner Student Module training to request this specialized access using a Department Room Access Request form.  The specific departmental rooms that the user needs authority to assign must be designated on the access request.
  • Summer Scheduling
    The Summer term is 12 weeks in length and begins the Monday following Spring commencement.  It provides several session options including 4-week, 6-week, 8-week, and full-term.  These sessions have standard start and end dates which drive student registration deadlines, fee payment, and refund deadlines.  Summer sessions have been established to provide flexibility in course offerings while allowing students the opportunity of attending several sections with limited conflicts. 

    For complete information visit the Summer Session Website or email the Summer Session Office.

The Scheduling Team in the Office of the Registrar can provide assistance with any scheduling related questions or concerns.