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Reading Degree Audit

After the audit loads there will be four main blocks of information that are highly relevant to the degree being sought. The order that they appear in from top to bottom are:

  • General Degree Information - including a line for each of the main portions of the degree
  • Major requirements that are unique to each degree
  • U of I core requirements (Comm, English, Natural & Applied Science and Math)
  • General Core requirements
  • Minor Requirements

Below that information are blocks that contain Free Electives Courses, In-progress classes, Insufficient courses and classes that are not counted towards the degree, followed by a Legend that explains the different symbols used within the audit. Once the core requirements have been completed, the detailed list will no longer appear, and it will be marked as Complete in the general degree information field.

  1. Links in the white bar across the top:
    1. VandalWeb: Return to the Faculty & Advisors Student Menu in Vandalweb
    2. Transcript: View the selected student’s web transcript
    3. Print: Print the audit you are currently viewing
    4. FAQ: View frequently asked questions and answers
    5. Log Out: Log out of Degree Audit and close your web browser
  2. Gray boxes in the gray field:
    1. Information on what student you are currently viewing. Notice that the “Degree” may be a drop down menu; this means that the student is currently registered for more than one program, and you can only view one program at a time.
  3. Gray tabs across the top:
    1. Audit: Summary all of your work and your progress toward the selected degree.
    2. Planner: Form that allows students to build an individualized study plan that can then be converted as part of the degree audit. (Will be used by Graduate Students, with an approval process)
    3. GPA Calc: Lets you pick from three different calculators to help students determine the effect of anticipated course grades, necessary grades to be eligible for graduation, and what kinds of grades are needed to reach a certain GPA goal.
  4. White tabs on the side:
    1. What If: Lets you shop around and view your progress toward degrees you are not registered for, but may want to pursue.
    2. Notes: Lets you either create custom notes for students or pick from a list of predefined notes. Notes are viewable by everyone, including the student and other advisors. Once a Note is saved it appears at the bottom of the Audit.
  5. Format Options: Located in “Audit”, “What If” and “Look Ahead”
    1. Student View: Standard view of what has been done and what needs to be done
    2. Graduation Checklist: View of what needs to be done in order to graduate
    3. Registration Checklist: View of the classes that still need to be completed

To change which student you are viewing:

  1. Click the VandalWeb link,

  2. Click ID Selection, Put in new ID# or Query for new student

  3. Verify the new student,

  4. reopen Degree Audit

To Log Out without closing all of your browser windows:

  1. Click the VandalWeb link

  2. Click Exit from the top right hand corner

When you click on an individual course number, you will be linked to a new window that will provide that course description.

“What If” will not only let you pick majors, minors and concentrations, it will also let you “What If” individuals courses as well.

The “Term GPA” Calculator can be used to calculate two different figures.

  • If you leave the “Current Institution GPA” and “Institution GPA Hours Earned So Far” filled in with the default information and run the calculation, you will get a projected Cumulative GPA.
  • If you zero out these two fields, you will have a projected single term GPA.

If a student is approved for any degree substitutions or waivers, these will appear on the Degree Audit once the form has been processed in the Registrar’s Office. **Degree substitutions/waivers will not carry over into “What If” audits. Also substitutions/waivers will not carry over if a student changes majors or catalogs.

If you ever get these messages:

Status = 3701

No requirement blocks were found for this student.

Check the student's catalog years and other degree information.


Still Needed: MAJOR block was not found but required

More than likely you chose an invalid, Catalog Year, Degree, or Major combination or we may not have built in the degree requirements for some programs out of older catalogs. Please review your “what if” selections and if necessary contact the Registrar’s office.

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