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slave: someone who works without pay for another person
fierce: very violent, rough
buffeted: knocked about again and again
smuggled: secretly carried
illegal: against the law
lengthy: lasting a long time
dismount: to get down off the back of an animal
Caucasian: people of light skin from Europe
eventually: after a long time
obtained: to reach a goal
brandished: waved about in a threatening way
remote: far away from towns or people
occasionally: from time to time, not regularly
spectacles: a pair of glasses for seeing better
outhouse: outside toilet without running water
necessities: things that were needed
kneaded: folded, stretched, pressed
stroke: a sudden blockage of a blood vessel in the brain
reluctant: unwilling to do something
footbinding: ancient Chinese practice of keeping feet small
restored: returned to an earlier condition
refurnished: put furniture into a house again

Asian American Comparative Collection

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404 Sweet Avenue

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Asian American Comparative Collection
University of Idaho
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Moscow, Idaho 83844-1111

Phone: 208-885-7075

Web: aacc

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