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Embracing New Beginnings

Law Student Discovers Career by Leaning Into Opportunities

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Living With Fire

U of I Boise Caa Student Builds Her Master’s Thesis as an Educational Demo Garden

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Connecting People and Communities

Architecture Student Constructs His Own Career Path


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Design. Print. Build.

Building Affordable Houses With Wood Waste

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Hemp Behind Your Walls

Researchers, Industry Find Sustainable Insulation Materials

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Building Resilient and Efficient Communities

U of I Boise student learns how to build resilient communities in a creative and collaborative space.

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His Influence in Education Lives On

U of I Boise CEHHS faculty's long careers made a difference in our state.

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The Classroom Evolves

New Technology Offers More Virtual Engagement

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U of I Boise & SW Idaho

Staving Off Evictions

How the U of I Boise Legal Clinic Helps our Community

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Demand and Supply

CEHHS Helps Idaho’s School Districts Prepare for Growth

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Coming Full Circle

Dual Location Allows Future Architect to Plan His Career

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