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Resident Scholar Program

Housing & Residence Life invests in students dedicated to academic achievement and who serve as role models for scholarship. The goal of our Resident Scholar Program is to encourage and reward resident success. Undergraduate students who live in the residence halls and graduate with a bachelor's degree within four years may apply for the Resident Scholar Award. Resident Scholar recipients receive $1,500 after graduation.

To be eligible for the Resident Scholar Award students must:

  1. Enroll at the U of I without having ever enrolled at any other institution of higher education. 
    • Dual enrollment, AP, and IB credits will not disqualify a student.
    • Transfer credits will not disqualify a student as long as all transfer credits were earned before high school graduation or before earning a GED. 
  2. Graduate with a Bachelor’s degree from U of I within 4 academic years from their enrollment term. 
  3. Be continuously enrolled at U of I each fall and spring semester. 
    • Participation in an internship/study abroad/field experience outside of Moscow will not disqualify a student. 
    • Summer enrollment at another institution will not disqualify a student. 
  4. Live in University Housing each semester that they are enrolled at the U of I Moscow campus. 
  5. Student must complete the resident scholar application prior to graduation. 

Students who receive room payment as compensation for employment with University Housing (Resident Assistants/Academic Program Assistants/Maintenance on call) during any fall or spring semester are not eligible for this program. 

Congratulations to our Spring 2018 Resident Scholar Program award recipients!

Gregory Beck, Spring 2018

Living in the residence halls has been a big part of my experience here at the University of Idaho. I can still remember first walking into the dorms my freshman year. Although it was nerve-wracking at first, I think living in the dorms helped make my adjustment to college life go a bit smoother. I am so happy to have met so many cool people from my freshman hall — some of whom I am still close with today. Living on campus has been an excellent arrangement for me throughout my time here; it’s so nice to be within easy access of any campus resource. What’s more, living on campus has also made it easier for me to be involved in lots of clubs and organizations, which I have been very happy to be part of.

The residence halls are great places to meet fellow students from many different backgrounds, and with many different aspirations; I think the depth of my friend network owes a lot to the connections I’ve made here in the residence halls. To top it all off, the U of I campus is just gorgeous. The university is home to great students and excellent faculty, and, through my time here, I feel well-equipped to take on my next steps in life.

Gregory Beck, Resident Scholar, Housing and Residence Life, University of Idaho
Gregory Beck

Garrett Wideen, Spring 2018

Coming to the University of Idaho from Southern California was a big leap for me. Making new friends and adapting to college life was a fun experience, and I would not change anything. I moved into the 5th floor of the Tower and could not have enjoyed it more. Having to share the bathroom with other people took some getting used to, but the way the Tower is set up made it easy to make new friends. My door was always open, as were the others, so I made a lot of good friends.

After my freshman year, I moved into the Living Learning Communities because I heard they had air conditioning and an adjustable heater. After living in the LLCs, I have learned they provide a unique social environment that is unmatched. I got the chance to be the Hall Representative my junior year and was able to set up events such as a Mario Kart tournament, movie nights and the Global block party. This gave me experience on how to manage a budget and event planning.

Living on campus was great since it was centralized with everywhere being a 5 minute walk, including downtown Moscow. I am excited to graduate and begin my next chapter in life.

Garrett Wideen
Garrett Wideen

Clarissa Gibson, Spring 2018

I lived in Theophilus Tower my freshman year and feel so lucky that I did because it was such a great place to make friends!

For the other three years, I have lived in the Living Learning Communities, which are also a great place to live and connect with others, and having an actual kitchen and apartment-style residence hall is pretty cool!

Overall, my time here at the University of Idaho has been amazing. I have made life-long friends, achieved an education and, most importantly, had fun while doing it all. Go Vandals!

Clarissa Gibson, Resident Scholar, Housing and Residence Life, University of Idaho
Clarissa Gibson

Stafford Morse, Spring 2018

Living in the Residence Halls offers the most convenient location possible. I lived in the Tower my first year and participated in the Tower Trick-or-Treat community service event.

My final three years, I lived in Engineering Living Learning Community. It's nice not to have to walk too far to get to class as well as work on campus, especially during icy and snowy weather.

Thanks to a generous scholarship, I was very pleased to be able to spend all four years living in the residence halls.

Stafford Morse
Stafford Morse

Melissa Dow, Spring 2018

I have enjoyed the events and opportunities provided by the residence halls. For the first year, I lived in the Theophilus Tower. The Tower gave me the opportunity to meet many others in the same situation as myself, as well as open a door for me to make friends.

The past three years I spent in the Living Learning Community in Sage.

Since I am an engineering student, this has been a very convenient location near my classes. It also allowed for me to be involved in the on-campus community while still retaining a good amount of privacy.

The residence halls have made my stay at the University of Idaho great!

Melissa Dow, 2018 Resident Scholar Recipient
Melissa Dow

Matthew Covalt, Spring 2018

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the University of Idaho. My first residence hall was the Theophilus Tower. Coming from an island in Alaska and never even visiting Idaho before, I was worried when first moving into the Tower. However, I couldn’t have been luckier with the great group of friends I meet there, a set of friends which I stayed with all four years.

Having a floor of first year students with similar majors was extremely helpful.

In my second year I moved to Wallace. My last two years I lived in the Living Learning Communities. I particularly enjoyed staying at the LLCs. Mostly for the kitchen, but the 1 minute crawl from my bed to the engineering buildings was also a huge plus. Crawling back for a quick nap between classes was also something I did quite frequently. I would recommend the residence hall experience to any new/prospective students.

Matthew Covalt, Housing and Residence Life, 2018
Matthew Covalt

Matt Waltz, Spring 2018

As a freshman living in the Tower four years ago, I never would have imagined all that has happened. It was there that I met a group of friends with whom I shared countless adventures. There was always something awesome to do, from hiking to swimming to running. As the years went by, I knew that I had found friends that I wouldn't trade for anything.

I spent my sophomore year living in Wallace with one of the greatest people I had ever met from the previous year. Would highly recommend exploring Bishop's Orchard in the fall for some apple picking and cider making. Be it walking on the ice-covered Spring Valley Reservoir or hiking through the forest on Tomer Butte and waterfall hunting at Elk Creek, there were so many things to explore. Had I not met the people I did in housing, I would never have had the time that I did. And for that I am happy.

Matt Waltz
Matthew Waltz

Diamond Koloski, Spring 2018

My University of Idaho experience has been the most amazing time of my life, and Housing & Residence Life has been a huge part of it. I started in the Tower my freshman year and have lived in Sage Living Learning Community since then. While at U of I, I've gotten to go on a trip to New York City with the Advertising Team, work on the student newspaper, The Argonaut, and develop lasting relationships with professors, roommates and classmates

In Sage specifically, I've met several international students who have become good friends. I had a German roommate last year who came home with me for Thanksgiving, and it was one of the best weeks I could've asked for. I also met my wonderful boyfriend in Sage, and we are now planning a future together after college. Residence halls are a great way to get involved and make friends. Thank you to the University of Idaho and Housing & Residence Life for giving me such a great experience that will be continued on as I graduate.

Diamond Koloski, Resident Scholar, UI, Housing and Resident life
Diamond Koloski

Krisha Hedge, Fall 2017

I lived in the Tower my first year. It was an amazing experience. Everyone around me was in the same year as me, which allowed me to make friends right away. My second year, I moved to the LLCs. The LLCs were great because I had my own room as well as a community kitchen to cook in. I lived in the LLCs my last three years of school.

I enjoyed the convenience of being (at most) a ten-minute walk from my classes as well as the sense of community that comes with it. I would highly recommend the Residence Halls to any first-year student coming to the University of Idaho. It was the best decision I could have made for housing.

Kisha Hedge, resident scholar, headshot
Krisha Hedge

Christy Kim, Spring 2017

I've lived in Wallace for all four years for my undergraduate degree. The first three years I lived in Wiley and the last year I lived in Ballard. I originally stayed in Wiley on the 6th floor without a roommate for the first semester. The next semester I meet my roommate and now my life long best friend Jasmine. We have been roommates ever since. Living on campus has been great because you get a meal plan so you don’t have to cook for yourself, and I can get to class faster than living off campus, all at a reasonable price.

There are also great events put on by University Housing and Resident Life that are free, and most of the time snacks are included! I’ve had a great time living in Wallace and met so many wonderful people. If I had the choice to live on campus or off campus I would definitely live on campus again.

Christy Kim
Christy Kim

Andrew McClintock, Spring 2017

Residence halls are convenient and their proximity to class is unmatched. Like most freshmen, I had to stay in the dorms and ended up on the ninth floor of the Theophilus Tower. Having to share the bathroom with 40 other people was a new experience but easy to get used to. The floors on the tower were socially oriented. I would see people using the hall as an extension of their room and going from room to room to hang out. I moved into the Living Learning Community (LLC) for the next three years. I consider myself a private person and that’s what the LLC provided for me. However, I did stay in a double, with a roommate for all three years. 

I have participated in a variety of different housing events such as, pumpkin carving, movies on the tower lawn, a welcome back party, and playing lots of Mario Cart on social nights. Sometimes I get asked by people who live in houses or apartments why I live in the dorms. Once the housing fee is paid I get free Wi-Fi, free laundry, sometimes free food, and if I’m ever feeling bored there’s usually a housing event going on somewhere.

Andrew McClintock
Andrew McClintock

Marielena Vega, Spring 2017

Staying in the Residence Halls four years has been the best decision I have ever made. I lived in Wallace and the Global living Experience Living Learning Community. It was awesome!

I have had roommates and suite mates from Korea, Brazil, Finland, Vietnam and Senegal. They were all so amazing. I love my LLC because everyone is excited to tell you about their country, culture and food. Living in the residence halls has exposed me to different cultures and people and allowed me to live comfortably. I have made the LLC’s my home.

I like knowing that I can get to Ag Sci in less than five minutes and I don’t have a long walk to get to different places on campus. It has been extremely convenient to live here because we have cable, free laundry, a great lounge with a pool table, an air hockey table and a smart TV. There are also great study rooms for when you don’t want to study in your room or walk to the library.

The different programming events put on by the RA’s are great! My RA started off the academic year with pretty funny cow jokes. It made my day walking by and reading one joke before going to class. We also went ice-skating. I had never been ice-skating in my life so it was fun to go together as a group, learn to ice-skate and it was free. Overall, living in the LLC’s has allowed me to be exposed to opportunities and experiences that would be hard to replicate if I lived off campus.

The Honors Program Highlights Graduate Marielena Vega

Marielena Vega
Marielena Vega

Brooke and Megan Sausser, Spring 2017

We spent our first year on campus in the Tower living on the 10th floor with the Honors program. Not only did we have an amazing view, but we also got to meet and live with other amazing men and women in the program. The next year we moved with several other Honors students to Scholars LLC, where we enjoyed a little more privacy but as many friends. We loved the convenience and atmosphere so much we stayed another year, where our favorite thing at the end of a day is to cook with everyone else downstairs.

We will miss living with so many other like-minded students, and we hope other incoming students take advantage of the convenience and sense of community living in the residence halls.

Megan and Brooke Sausser
Megan and Brooke Sausser

Shane DaValle, Spring 2017

When I first started college, I didn't know very many people but I kept my door open while I was home so I could meet people in my dorm. From doing this I've met some of my best friends that I have today including my best friend Tyler and my girlfriend Breanna. I met Tyler my freshman year and roomed with him till he graduated halfway through my junior year and never could imagine my life without him as my friend.

After Tyler graduated I still had some friends in college in the dorms but they soon graduated while I had one more year left. If I hadn't stayed in the dorms for all four years of my college career I would never have met these awesome people and more who I haven't mentioned and likely would be living a vastly different life. If I had to do it again I would still have lived in the dorms for all four years of college and would definitely recommend living in the dorms during your time in college cause you will meet people you never expected you could meet and likely more.

"Living in Wallace, I was able to meet people who I love to hang out with including Breanna, the love of my life”

Shane DaValle
Shane DaValle

Jennifer Hunt, Spring 2017

I've thoroughly enjoyed my time majoring in Electrical Engineering at the University of Idaho and living in the Residence Halls. I lived on the first floor of the Tower my freshman year and have lived in the Engineering LLC for the past three years.

Living on campus has been a huge advantage. Living extremely close to the engineering buildings means that if I'm tired during one of my breaks from classes, I can just take a short walk back to my room and take a nap: one of my favorite perks! It also makes it really easy to make friends; I made a friendship in the Tower that has lasted my entire time in college, and I'm sure will last for life. I'll definitely miss my little home away from home (my dorm room) when I graduate this May.  

“I made a friendship in the Tower that I’m sure will last for life”

Jennifer Hunt
Jennifer Hunt

Elizabeth Helwick, Spring 2017

I chose to live in the Residences Halls all 4 years because of its convenience. My first year I lived on the Honors floor of the Tower. Several of us moved into Scholars LLC the following year. I am still friends with many of my hall mates from my freshman year.

As a dance major, I often had rehearsals until late at night. Because I lived on campus, I didn't have to worry about driving to campus and finding parking, or having to walk to an apartment late at night. I also enjoyed that I was able to chose whether or not I had a meal plan, and for the last two years I have cooked for myself rather than eating in the dining halls.

Elizabeth Helwick
Elizabeth Helwick

Nicole Moeckli, Spring 2017

After four years at the University of Idaho, I am very grateful for the countless memories I’ve made.  Living on campus aided in my academic pursuits as I was able to conveniently access the many resources provided on campus.  More importantly, I met the person who would become one of my closest friends because we lived on the same floor of the Tower. 

The aspect of the University of Idaho that stands out the most is the people.  My friends, colleagues and instructors have taught me a lot about my area of study, but even more about collaboration and what it means to be a Vandal.  I was able to thrive in an academic environment where my professors inspired me to challenge my skills as a designer.  I am excited to move on and graduate, but I know I will always consider UI to be my second home.
Read the Virtual Technology + Design story featuring Nicole.

“I’m really happy that living on campus allowed me to meet so many people outside my major”

Nicole Moeckli
Nicole Moeckli

Antonia Exline, Spring 2017

University of Idaho has been like a second home to me. I lived in Upham (the all freshman LLC) my first year at UI and Gault for the rest of my time here. Every year I had a new roommate so I got to know a lot of people and make new friends every year. My current roommate has actually come to me for advice about her major and I have helped her study for classes that I took during my undergraduate studies. It was amazing to get a chance to help someone younger than me succeed and I don't think I would have had this experience if I hadn't lived in the residence halls.

There was always something to do and new people to talk to. Living on campus was perfect for me because I was able to make my own meals and be independent but also close by so it was easy for me to participate in a close by event. I will really miss living at the University of Idaho and look forward to visiting as often as I can.

Antonia Exline
Antonia Exline


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