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Physical Address:
Wallace Residence Center 2nd Floor

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Drive MS 2010 
Moscow, ID 83844-2010

Phone: 208-885-6571

Fax: 208-885-6606


Web: Housing and Residence Life

Physical Address:
Living Learning Communities (LLC) Building 2

Mailing Address:
Student Mailing Address:
Student Name
MSC #____
901 Paradise Creek Street
Moscow ID 83843

Phone: 208-885-7379 (For after hour emergencies please contact your RA on call)

Apply for Housing

Housing and Residence Life is the on-campus choice committed to helping students succeed. Our residence halls are all within walking distance to campus resources like the library, recreational center, dining and sporting events. Proximity to classes is a proven contributing factor to academic success.

If you have questions or need special room accommodations, please contact us: or 208-885-6571.

Spring Semester 2021-2022 Residence Hall Application Important Dates

Spring Semester: Now open for all students


2022-2023 Residence Hall Application Important Dates

November 16: New first-year student application opens (2022-2023)

February 1-4: Current resident same room renewal* (2022-2023)

February 8: Current resident any room renewal* (2022-2023)

February 8: New non-first year student room application opens (2022-2023)

*For qualifying non-first year buildings only.

Students will need to pay a $200 housing deposit to reserve their room. 

  • The deposit is returned to the student’s University Account upon successful completion of the terms of the license agreement.  
  • Cancellation of the Housing & Residence Life contract will result in forfeit of the deposit.

Have a roommate you want to live with?

If you and a friend know that you want to live together, we recommend that you apply around the same time. Since you are able to choose your exact room and location during the application, it is very easy to find a room that has two available spots and assign yourselves to that location.

Do not have a roommate you want to live with?

If you do not have a roommate in mind prior to applying for the residence halls, that is okay! The majority of students living in the residence halls are in the same situation as you. Our Housing & Residence Life Application makes it simple to find potential successful roommate matches.

The application asks 10 or more lifestyle questions regarding sleeping habits, study needs and overall interests. You are able to see where students have applied and view their profiles to potentially match yourself to a successful roommate. We realize that even a perfect profile match may not mean you have the perfect roommate. Beginning ten days after classes begin, room changes are allowed, based on availability. To begin that process, please come to the housing office.

Convenience: Be close to everything

You’re within walking distance to classes, faculty, library, computer labs, rec. center and great places to eat! Don’t waste your time at traffic lights and finding parking spots in the morning. Ease your stress and sleep in.

Avoid money hassles

Avoid typical apartment monthly bills, buying furniture, paying for repairs and chasing down roommates for rent payments.

Be successful

Students who live on campus have higher GPAs, are more likely to graduate and be more satisfied with their college experience than students who live off campus.

Make friends and stay connected

You are guaranteed to meet people who are close by for studying, class help or just hanging out. Have the time of your life participating intramural sports, clubs, student government, residence hall events and everything the University campus has to offer.


You will be living with people who are going through the same experiences as you. You have the ability to talk to faculty, staff and students who can support your personal and academic needs.

Room cancellations after moving in:

We do want you to be happy.

If we can do anything to help you stay, please contact us at If you chose to leave, complete the cancel agreement form. Once the form is submitted, a staff member will help you complete the check-out process. Note: signed legally binding academic year agreements result in a significant penalty; please be aware of this when cancelling your agreement.

Residence Hall Application cancellations

Cancelling your housing application is simple. We would certainly like you to stay with us, but realize you may decide this may not be the best living option for you. Please complete the cancel application form. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 208-885-6571 or contact us at

Break Housing

All residence halls remain open during spring break for all students who wish to remain on campus.

Please note all dining facilities will be closed during this week.

Summer Housing will be located in the Living Learning Communities. Placement preference will be given to those enrolled in summer classes. Pricing for the 2022 Summer Session can be found below.

Length of Stay Up to 30 Nights More than 30 Nights
Single Room Rate $32.00* per night $30.00 per night
Double Room Rate (Limited) $25.00* per night $23.00 per night
 * 8 percent sales tax is included in this total. 6 percent Idaho State tax and 2 percent Hotel Tax; required for any stay less than 31 days

Please see our Summer Housing Guide for additional information on your summer housing.

During Fall Break all residence halls will remain open for students who wish to remain on campus.

Please note that all dining facilities will remain closed during the Break.

The Residence Halls (with the exception of LLCs) will close during winter break. If you are in need of winter housing please fill out a Winter Break Housing Application.

Can I stay in my room?

Students living in Wallace Residence Center, Theophilus Tower and McConnell must leave their rooms for winter break. Please contact the Housing office with any questions about winter break leave.

Students living in any of the Living Learning Communities (LLCs) or in Stevenson Wing are allowed to stay in their rooms during the entire winter break, as this is included in the LLC resident contract and cost.

All students planning to return to the residence halls for spring semester may leave their belongings in their rooms during break, but should take any important items with them (ex: medications, passports, computers, school work, etc.) as students will not be allowed back into the buildings during winter break.

Note: During winter break, Housing & Residence Life will be conducting Health and Safety checks in the rooms to monitor any safety concerns such as ensuring that smoke detectors work and not being covered.

What is the cost of staying on campus during winter break?

The cost is $500 to stay on campus. Please note you will be reassigned to a different room for winter break.

What if I need a place to stay during winter break?

If you need a place to stay during winter break, please fill out our online form above. There is a cost associated with winter break housing. 

What if I am not returning in the spring?

If you are not planning to return to the university or residence halls for the spring semester, you will need to complete checkout paperwork at the Housing office prior to leaving for winter break. If you may possibly fall into the Regulation L category (by receiving below a 1.0 GPA), please visit the Housing Office prior to leaving for winter break.

Does my dining plan work during break?

No. Students who live in our campus LLCs during winter break are responsible for providing their own food

2021 Winter Break Info

Living Learning Communities | Stevenson Wing | Wallace, Tower & McConnell

Renew Your Room

Benefits for residents renewing their housing:

  • Meal plans are not required for LLC residents. There are less expensive, optional meal plans available.
  • The following items are included in the cost: power, trash, internet, water, garbage, and laundry.
  • No car, commute or battling for a parking spot. This means you save money on car maintenance and gas.
  • Unlike off campus apartments, which generally charge first and last month's rent along with a deposit, all up front, Housing charges nothing. Your deposit from the prior year rolls over. For example, an apartment off campus that costs $750 per month would require $2000 before students can move in.
  • If your roommate fails to pay their part of the rent you do not have to come up with extra cash.

For apartment residents, six-month agreements end in December and twelve-month agreements end in June. Prior to the end of these agreement periods, you will be sent an email from Housing & Residence Life (to your Vandal email address) about the actions needed to either renew and remain in your current apartment OR vacate at the end of your agreement.

Apply for room renewal and get first pick of your room and residence hall. Check back for more information close to January.

Important Dates:

Same Room Renewals - Feb. 1-4 (Non-first year students)

New Room Renewals - Opens Feb. 8

Apartment and Family Housing Renewals - Starts April 2022

Did you know?

  • Students wanting to live together can choose the same room
  • There is no up-front cost to renew a room because your $200 deposit rolls over each year
  • McConnell, the LLC's, and specific floors of Wallace are available for upper-level students
  • Students over the age of 19 may also choose the Elmwood apartments.

Room Renewal - Save Your Room

Current residents same room renewal is open February 2-5 for the 2021-22 academic year.

Apply Now

Vandal Living Viewbook

Your guide to living on campus in the Residence Halls.

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Physical Address:
Wallace Residence Center 2nd Floor

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Drive MS 2010 
Moscow, ID 83844-2010

Phone: 208-885-6571

Fax: 208-885-6606


Web: Housing and Residence Life

Physical Address:
Living Learning Communities (LLC) Building 2

Mailing Address:
Student Mailing Address:
Student Name
MSC #____
901 Paradise Creek Street
Moscow ID 83843

Phone: 208-885-7379 (For after hour emergencies please contact your RA on call)