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Program Planning and Review

The University of Idaho is required to complete a program proposal for creating, modifying or discontinuing undergraduate and graduate program majors and/or degrees. A proposal is also required for an academic certificate that requires 30 credits or more for completion. A short form (program component or non-substantive minor request) is required for creating, modifying or discontinuing a program component. Program components consist of options, emphases, minors, and teaching endorsements. A short form is also used for an academic certificate that requires less than 30 credits for completion. Certain types of changes to undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as program components, may be completed using the short form.

A list of actions (Groups A, B, C) categorized by required approval and the approval process with deadlines (Curricular Approval Workflow) for an academic program, a program component, an academic certificate, and non-substantive minor changes can be found on the University Curriculum Committee web page. To check the status of an action after University Curriculum Committee processing, visit the Faculty Senate web page.

As indicated in the Curricular Approval Workflow, the Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President is responsible for obtaining appropriate approval and/or providing notification for actions to the Idaho State Board of Education, the Idaho State Department of Education, and the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. While the decision to make academic changes is an institutional prerogative and responsibility, the University of Idaho must take appropriate action to comply with reporting policy and maintain accreditation.

Deadlines: October 15--Group C; December 15--Group A & B


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