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Performance Evaluations and Position Descriptions

The position description is the annual contract negotiation for determining workload and goals which informs the performance evaluation process.  The position description establishes each faculty member's specific responsibilities in the four major responsibility areas identified in FSH 1565 C,  Teaching and Advising, Scholarship and Creative Activities, Outreach and Extension, and University Service and Leadership.  The position description serves a variety of important functions; in particular, it constitutes the essential frame of reference in annual performance evaluation of faculty members [see 3320], and consideration of faculty members for tenure and promotion (FSH 3050).

Supporting Documents and Links

Calendars for University of Idaho faculty

FSH 1565: Academic Ranks and Responsibilities

FSH 1420: University Administration

Faculty Annual Performance Evaluations
Evaluation forms are found by scrolling to the bottom of the policy link below:

FSH 3320 A: Annual Performance Evaluations and Salary Determination of Faculty Members

  • Form 1: Annual Performance Evaluation form for faculty and for administrators with faculty rank (this form can be used in lieu of Form 2A)
  • Form 2A: Annual Performance Evaluation form for Administrators with faculty rank (this form can be used in lieu of Form 1, if evaluation is of an administrator) 
Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form (.doc)

Faculty Position Descriptions 

FSH 3050: Position Descriptions


Annual Evaluation Resources for Senior Administrators  


Periodic Review of Senior Administrators


Faculty Evaluation of an Administrator

  • FSH 3320D, the form is located by scrolling to the bottom of the policy under

    "Faculty Evaluation of Administrators Form 2: (formerly Form 2B)"