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Idaho Law Review: Volume 55

Volume 55, Issue 1

Kimiko Barrett, Reducing Wildfire Risk in the Wildland-Urban Interface: Policy, Trends, and Solutions, 55 IDAHO L. REV. 3 (2019).

Ian E. Cecala & A. Bryan Endres, Damnesia: An Examination of Public Participation and Evolving Approaches to Hydropower Development in the United States and Brazil, 55 IDAHO L. REV. 115 (2019).

Edith Hannigan, Using Pre-Disaster Community Capacity to Address Land Use Post-Wildfire, 55 IDAHO L. REV. 29 (2019).

Michele Steinberg & Meghan Housewright, Addressing Vacant Property in the Wildland Urban Interface, 55 IDAHO L. REV. 59 (2019).

Craig A. Jones, Weaponizing the EPA: Presidential Control and Wicked Problems, 55 IDAHO L. REV. 157 (2019).

Bronson J. Pace, The Children’s Climate Lawsuit: A Critique of the Substance and Science of the Preeminent Atmospheric Trust Litigation Case, Juliana v. United States, 55 IDAHO L. REV. 85 (2019).

Volume 55, Issue 2

Anthony Michael Kreis, Delete Your Account, 55 IDAHO L. REV. 199 (2019).

Agnieszka McPeak, The Internet Made Me Do It: Reconciling Social Media and Professional Norms for Lawyers, Judges, and Law Professors, 55 IDAHO L. REV. 205 (2019).

Jaime A. Santos, The Perils of Engaging on Social Media for Women Lawyers: Are the Benefits Worth the Risks?, 55 IDAHO L. REV. 233 (2019).

Ed Timberlake, #Trademarks Twitter Addresses a Gap in the Literature, 55 IDAHO L. REV. 247 (2019).

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