Pre-arrival Checklist

1. Tell the International Programs Office (IPO) you are coming 

2. Register for Classes 

  • In your acceptance letter, you will receive information about registering for your University of Idaho courses. It is important to preregister as soon as possible, as some classes fill up quickly. You can wait until you are on campus, but this is not recommended. 

3. What to Bring 

  • Avoid bringing excess items that can be purchased here and appliances that cannot be used in the U.S. 

4. Travel Arrangements 

  • Arrive on campus at least two days before New International Student Orientation begins in case of travel delays or jet lag. We recommend arriving 30 days prior to class if you plan to work on campus. 

5. Hotel Accommodations 

6. Financial Arrangements 

  • Arrange to have enough money to cover the cost of tuition and fees, health insurance, housing expenses, books and personal expenses.

7. Make copies 

  • Copy medical records, x-rays, and prescriptions. Also, have prescriptions written in generic terms rather than brand names. A certified birth certificate translated into English may be required to obtain an Idaho driver’s license. 

8. Label your luggage 

  • Label all luggage, inside and outside, with your name and address in Moscow. 

9. Carry all legal documentation 

  • Carry your passport, I-20, financial documentation and any other legal documents, on your person, not in your luggage! You will need these to clear Customs. 

10. Check with the airlines 

  • Ask about their luggage policy and reconfirm your flight reservations 72 hours before departure. 

11. Leave a phone number with someone in your home country 

  • Use someone you know in Moscow or your department. 

  • If you do not know anyone in the U.S. to use as a contact, please use the International Programs Office phone number: (208) 885-8984. Leave a message if calling after normal business hours and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. In the event of an emergency after business hours or during a holiday and no emergency contact information on the voice mail, please call (208) 301-8484 so a staff member can be notified to assist you.