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First Steps to Going Abroad

If you do not already have one, get your passport right away. Your passport must be valid for at least six months after you return from your experience abroad. More information is available on the U.S. Passport Information page.

Read through the FAQs, gather application materials, complete the application and go to your local passport acceptance facility to submit your application. In Moscow, you can submit your passport application at the U.S. Post Office.

Attending the Education Abroad First-Time Info Session, or other specific program info session, is the first step to studying abroad. Info sessions are offered at least three times per week throughout the semester. Registration is required. Sign up here.

Once you've attended an Education Abroad First-Time Info Session, make an appointment with an Education Abroad Advisor by emailing with your availability. An Education Abroad Advisor will email you back to confirm your appointment.

Meeting with your academic advisor is an important step before going abroad. They can help you select classes to take abroad that will fulfill your U of I degree requirements and help you get them approved by faculty.

View the Resources for Planning Your International Experience page and reach out to your Education Abroad Advisor with any questions. Advisors are able to meet as many or as few times as necessary.

Through its partner schools and third party providers, U of I is affiliated with over 300 universities in more than 50 countries, offering study, internship, volunteer, and undergraduate research opportunities abroad for every field of study. However, if you cannot find a U of I program that meets your specific needs, you have other options. Be aware you are required to fill out an alternative application per U of I Policy (APM 70.23) if you will receive credit, financial aid, or your if program has been organized by a U of I department in any way. Please keep in mind that if you wish to earn credit toward your U of I degree, the institution providing the credit must be accredited.

Applications for the following types of programs can be found here.

  • Unaffiliated study abroad programs - credit from another U.S. institution:
    • Students going abroad on a program through another U.S. institution who will receive an official transcript from that U.S. university.
  • Unaffiliated study abroad programs - credit from a foreign institution:
    • Students going abroad directly to a foreign institution who will receive an official transcript from that foreign institution.
  • Unaffiliated research or internship abroad programs:
    • Students going abroad to conduct research, field work or an internship, regardless of receiving credit.

Attend a First-Time Info Session

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