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International Mail

Please discard any customs forms dated earlier than September 2009 for form 2976 and May 2009 for 2976-A. The Postal Service will reject all mail with older forms.

Customs Forms online

Customs forms are available to order online at no charge from The Postal Store. Search for the words "customs forms".

Follow the link below to fill out and print your customs form online! This useful tool from the Postal Service has international postal code lookup.

International mail must be in sealed envelopes in order to be mailed outside the US. (Canada and Mexico are considered international)

ALL foreign mail over 16 ounces must have a completed customs form attached and signed by the shipper. Mail less than 16 ounces does not require a customs form unless it contains merchandise.

If the correct customs form is not filled out completely the mail piece will be returned to the department and will cause a delay.

If you need help in determining the correct form to use please call CMR at 208-885-7011.

International Addressing Tips

The full address should be typed or legibly written in English — using Roman letters and Arabic numerals — and should be placed lengthwise on one side of the item.

The last line of the address block area must include only the complete country name (no abbreviations) written in uppercase letters.

Foreign postal codes, if used, should be placed on the line above the destination country.

The Post Office will return foreign mail without a country name.

Physical Address:
Facilities Services Building
875 Perimeter Drive