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Important Information

Getting Started

All University of Idaho Dual Credit students must apply for admission and register for courses through DualEnroll following the admission requirements and posted dates and deadlines.

Students should create their DualEnroll account with a phone number and/or email that they have easy access to, not a parent's or guardian's phone or email, as they will need to access messages and notifications in a timely manner (for DualEnroll and VandalWeb).

At the time of admission, all U of I Dual Credit students are assigned a Vandal number and given VandalWeb, Vandal email and Canvas student accounts. Initial setup steps are required to activate these accounts.

VandalWeb is the official record for registration and billing. Students should verify their registrations each term. All official communication, to include billing statements will be emailed to the student’s Vandal email account.

Canvas is U of I’s classroom management platform. Student’s high school instructors may or may not utilize Canvas though it is used for all courses taken online or on the U of I campus.

If a VandalWeb password reset is needed, students can use the Forgot Password link on the VandalWeb sign in page. The phone number and/or email that was entered when creating a DualEnroll account will be used for notifications when resetting a student’s VandalWeb password. 

If the student's phone number and/or email was not entered correctly in DualEnroll, the student will need to call 208-885-HELP (4357) or visit the Student Tech Center in the Teaching Learning Center, room 128, on the Moscow campus to reset their password.

Academic Petitions

If a student needs to add, drop, or withdraw from a course after the posted deadlines have passed, an academic petition must be submitted.

All petitions have an associated $10 fee to be paid through Student Accounts at 208-885-7447 or at the Bruce Pitman Center, room 125, on the Moscow campus.

The petition committee meets weekly during the academic year and biweekly during the summer break to review petitions.

Adding a Course

New University of Idaho students who are petitioning to add a course(s) after the registration deadline has passed should contact Katy Riebold at for steps on applying for admission prior to completing the petition packet.

Current University of Idaho students who are petitioning to add a course(s) must complete the Academic Petition and Dual Credit Program Registration forms with all required information and signatures. Email completed forms and petition fee payment receipt to or submit to the Dual Credit Program located on the 2nd floor of Blake House, on the Moscow campus.

Dropping or Withdrawing from a Course

Students who are petitioning to drop or withdraw from a course(s) must complete the Academic Petition form with all required information and signatures. Email completed forms and petition fee payment receipt to or submit to the Dual Credit Program located on the 2nd floor of Blake House, on the Moscow campus.

Academic Eligibility

Students must have a high school GPA of 2.5 or higher to be eligible to participate in the Dual Credit Program.

Students in good standing have a University of Idaho cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

If a student’s U of I cumulative GPA falls below 2.0, they are placed on academic probation. Academic probation can affect future Dual Credit registration and funding eligibility as well as subsequent college or university applications and financial aid.

Student Resources

Students currently enrolled in the Dual Credit Program have access to several University of Idaho resources including:

Campus Parking

Students can purchase University of Idaho off-campus commuter permits, disability permits and temporary or overnight permits.

View the campus parking maps for available parking for games and events and meter parking.

The Vandal Access service provides equal access to facilities, programs and services on campus to University of Idaho students with short- or long-term mobility-limiting disabilities or conditions.

Golf Course

University of Idaho offers an 18-hole golf course complete with golf shop, indoor simulator, lessons and tournaments.

Book a tee time or email with questions.


The University of Idaho Library is the largest library in Idaho with over a million books and almost ten thousand periodicals!

To access the large number of resources available both online and on-site, students must first complete their VandalWeb account setup and request a Vandal Card.

The Off-Campus Access Guide provides detailed information about how to find and access resources and students can connect with a librarian via chat, text or email with questions or requests.

Student Recreation Center

University of Idaho students aged 18 and older must purchase a membership to utilize the Student Recreation Center (SRC) facilities. Students under the age of 18 must present to the SRC with a parent or guardian to purchase a membership.

Email or visit the SRC at 1000 Paradise Creek Street, Moscow with questions.


Current University of Idaho students are eligible to utilize the free tutoring services offered through the Vandal Success Center. Drop-in and online single sessions are available as well as recurring appointments.

Drop-in tutoring is available Monday through Thursday from 3-8 p.m. on the second floor of the University of Idaho Library on the Moscow campus. Students should check the tutoring schedule for the current term to find out when a tutor is available for the course then drop-in to get help with course content from our well-qualified tutors.

Online tutoring sessions are available Monday through Thursday from 3-8 p.m. via Zoom. (All U of I students have access to Zoom through U of I at no charge.) Students should schedule an appointment based on the tutoring schedule for the current term when a tutor is available for the course.

Writing Center

Current University of Idaho students can get support in all stages of the writing process, from brainstorming to revision of drafted papers through the Writing Center. On-site, online and eTutoring appointments are available.

Schedule an appointment with one of our undergraduate or graduate U of I student tutors Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or Sunday from 6-8 p.m. during the academic year.

Student Accommodations

Students with disabilities have the rights, through the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act laws, to:

  • Equal access to post-secondary education
  • Accessible education
  • Appropriate accommodations
  • Non-discrimination
  • Expectation of information about a disability being kept private

The Center for Disability Access and Resources (CDAR) offers equitable access to University of Idaho programs for students with a permanent or temporary disability by providing academic accommodations, advocacy, and training.

New and current students needing accommodations should complete a CDAR application as soon as possible as accommodations are not retroactive and some can take two to four weeks to implement.

Accommodations must be renewed each semester; students should submit their accommodation renewal requests as soon as possible as accommodations are not retroactive and some can take up to four weeks to implement.

Email the Center for Disability Access and Resources at or visit their office in the Bruce Pitman Center, suite 127, on the Moscow campus with any questions or to make an appointment.

Accessing Student Records

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 governs the confidentiality of student records. All admitted students, including those enrolled as high school dual credit students, have rights under FERPA which are transferred from the parent or guardian to the student upon admission to the University of Idaho. As such, educational records cannot be released to a parent or guardian except by the student having provided “a written request to [verbally] release records which contain personally identifiable information. The written request must include which records are to be released, the purpose of the disclosure, the party to whom the records [are] to be released…and be signed and dated by the student.”

The University of Idaho may share academic information with the student’s high school including, but not limited to, current and future enrollment status, cumulative grade point average, unofficial academic transcripts and academic standing while enrolled in the Dual Credit Program.

To provide consent for release of information, email the Consent for Release of Student Information form to or submit to the Office of the Registrar located in the Bruce Pitman Center, room 119, on the Moscow campus. 

Additional information about FERPA can be found on the University of Idaho’s Student Resources website and the U.S. Department of Education website.

The University of Idaho’s Student Code of Conduct was developed in partnership with University of Idaho students and faculty and approved by the Idaho Board of Regents. It exists to educate students in understanding their rights and responsibilities as members of a safe, civil, and ethical academic community. Please note that Dual Credit students are held to the same student standards found in the University of Idaho, Student Code of Conduct, Definitions of cheating, plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty, as well as policies and procedures for handling such cases are included.

Academic Integrity
Academic integrity is the cornerstone value of learning. The University of Idaho is a proud member of the Center for Academic Integrity to provide faculty, staff and students access to tools, information and support to promote a climate of honesty and integrity on campus. Faculty, staff and student leaders have important responsibilities to contribute to this effort in creating an academic culture that celebrates honesty, fairness and trust. To discuss issues in more detail, contact the Dean of Students department.


Students enrolled in the Dual Credit Program are creating a transcript, an official educational record, which includes any in-progress, completed and withdrawn courses. Transcripts can be official or unofficial. Unofficial transcripts are not signed or sealed and are intended only for personal use and are generally not accepted by other colleges or universities.

Students who have participated in multiple dual credit programs can verify colleges or universities attended and which courses were enrolled in by logging in to their Advanced Opportunities portal. Students will request transcripts from each college or university.

Unofficial Transcripts

Current students can access unofficial transcripts through VandalWeb under the Student Profile menu. The Print function on the browser must be used to print or save a copy as a PDF file.

Former students without an active VandalWeb account may submit a request for an unofficial transcript by faxing or mailing the Transcript Request Form. 

Official Transcripts

Current and former students can request an official transcript online through the National Student Clearinghouse for $15.40 per copy.

Transcript requests cannot be processed until all financial obligations to the university have been satisfied.

Normal processing for mailed transcripts is within 3-5 business days; rush processing is 1 business day. Mailing times vary with the US Post Service depending upon destination.

Students must appear in-person and show a valid photo ID when picking up transcripts in the Registrar’s Office.

Vandal Card

The Vandal Card is a student’s official University of Idaho ID card and is used to access library resources, tutoring sessions, the Student Recreation Center, and for admittance to athletic events.

Students must be registered for at least 1 credit in the semester that they are requesting a Vandal Card.

The uploaded photo to be used for a new Vandal Card must meet the following requirements:

  • A flat, light-colored background, such as a wall
  • No sunglasses, hats, or non-religious headwear
  • No side-angle shots
  • Must be looking at the camera
  • No gestures or signs obscuring your face
  • Photo must be unedited and uncropped
  • Face must be evenly lit with no shadows on your face
  • Photo must be recent
  • No photos of photos
  • File must be in a JPG format

Dual Credit students’ Vandal Cards will indicate “Dual Credit Student” on the face; students who matriculate to U of I for their undergraduate studies will need to request a replacement card after they have registered for classes.

Email Vandal Card Services at with questions.

Dropping or Withdrawing from a Course

If a student chooses to unenroll from a course, they are responsible for dropping or withdrawing by the posted deadlines. Unenrolling from a course at the high school does not unenroll them from the course at the University of Idaho.

  • A “drop” is when a student is taken out of a course prior to the posted drop deadline. A dropped course is not included on the student’s transcript. Tuition can be reimbursed for a dropped course.
  • A “withdraw” is when a student unenrolls from the course after the posted drop deadline has passed. A grade of “W” will be included on the student’s transcript. This will not affect a student’s U of I grade point average; however, students should communicate with their high school about how a withdraw may affect their high school grade point average.

Drop and withdraw requests must be submitted through DualEnroll, approved by the student’s high school counselor and processed through VandalWeb prior to the posted deadlines.

Withdraws are not eligible for tuition reimbursement and can affect a student’s future eligibility for Advanced Opportunities funding.

Dual Credit

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