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U of I's web-based retention and advising tool provides an efficient way to guide and support students on their road to graduation. Login to VandalStar.

Important Information

Getting Started

Once admitted, students automatically receive a U of I student email (ex. and a Vandal ID number V00123456); students will receive this information 3-5 business days after submitting their admission application. Go through the initial setup process to get access to your Vandal Account. You will need access to a phone, or email address, provided on your admission application: VandalSetup. Your application email will only work the first time you access Account Management.

To view your student accounts, billing, registration, and all other personal information, students should use the VandalWeb student portal. VandalWeb can be accessed with the same username and password as your student email. 

Canvas is the classroom-management tool used at the U of I. To access your class syllabus, assignment submission forms, and course work, students should log in to Canvas with their student email.

For a student to add, drop or withdraw past the published deadline the student will need to submit an Academic Petition to be reviewed by the university committee.

  1. Complete petition form:
    • Students’ Name, Vandal # (V12345678)
    • Course information with a supporting statement from the Student, Teacher, and School Counselor.
  2. Submit Payment: Student Accounts/Cashiers Office and pay the $10 fee and attach the receipt to your petition packet.
  3. Submit the packet to your high school counselor for submission to the dual credit program.

Students must maintain a minimum University of Idaho GPA of 2.5 to continue taking dual credit classes.

If a student falls below 2.0 it can affect their applications to universities after high school graduation, or the status of the incoming student (for example, a student may be put on probation, not accepted, or have a scholarship revoked).

As long as students are formally enrolled in courses at the University of Idaho, limited to full access to the university’s many facilities may be available depending on the facility and the student’s age.

University Library
The University of Idaho Library is the largest library in Idaho with over a million books and almost ten thousand periodicals. Accessing Library Resources Off-Campus.

Writing Center
The Writing Center is dedicated to providing one-on-one assistance to students at various stages of their writing process, from brainstorming to revising drafted papers.

Online Tutoring
A free service is provided to dual credit Vandal students. We offer tutoring in person on the 2nd floor of the Library and online via Zoom for a wide range of subjects.

Campus Parking
Parking and Transportation Services or call 208-885-6424.

Student Recreation Center (SRC)
Students who are 18 or older must buy a membership to use the Student Recreation Center (SRC). Students younger than 18 must bring a parent or guardian to the SRC with them to fill out a waiver and buy a membership. For information visit Recreation and Wellbeing website or call 208-885-7529.

Golf Course
University of Idaho Golf Course or call 208-885-6171.

The Center for Disability Access and Resources (CDAR) provides services and support to ensure individuals with disabilities are able to access and participate in all of the opportunities available at the University of Idaho..

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, also known as the Buckley Amendment, governs the confidentiality of student records. FERPA applies to all admitted students at the University of Idaho. Therefore, parents do not have access to their dual credit student’s educational records without the student’s written consent. Written consent may be obtained by filling out a Consent to Release Student Information form and returning it to the Office of the Registrar.

Under FERPA the university may communicate with the student's secondary school as allowed to verify that they have permission to enroll into dual credit courses.

For more information see the U of I’s FERPA policy section or visit the US Department of Education.

The University of Idaho’s Student Code of Conduct was developed in partnership with University of Idaho students and faculty and approved by the Idaho Board of Regents. It exists to educate students in understanding their rights and responsibilities as members of a safe, civil, and ethical academic community. Please note that Dual Credit students are held to the same student standards found in the University of Idaho, Student Code of Conduct, Definitions of cheating, plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty, as well as policies and procedures for handling such cases are included.

Academic Integrity
Academic integrity is the cornerstone value of learning. The University of Idaho is a proud member of the Center for Academic Integrity to provide faculty, staff and students access to tools, information and support to promote a climate of honesty and integrity on campus. Faculty, staff and student leaders have important responsibilities to contribute to this effort in creating an academic culture that celebrates honesty, fairness and trust. To discuss issues in more detail, contact the Dean of Students department.

Unofficial Transcripts: are available to students through VandalWeb. If this is your first-time logging into your account, complete the initial setup process VandalSetup.

  • Verify your grades are posted in VandalWeb before ordering your official transcript.

Official Transcripts: Online transcript orders can be submitted any day/any time and provide the fastest service through the Office of the Registrar.

Advanced Opportunities: View which institutions granted your college credits in your portal.

A VandalCard can provide you limited to full access to several campus resources; Tutoring, Advising, Library and more. Your Vandal ID will indicate Dual Credit Student on the face of the card until you have graduated from high school. You can request a card after registering for your courses.

Go to the VandalCard page and click “Request a Vandal Card”.

If a student chooses to drop a course, they are responsible for dropping by the published deadlines. Withdrawing from a course at the high school does not drop a student from the university course.

If a student drops the course after the deadline, they will receive a grade of "W." This counts towards their completion rate (number of courses completed over a number of courses attempted). Financial aid requires a 70% completion rate once you graduate high school.

The penalties associated with withdrawing from a university course after the deadlines include future eligibility for Advanced Opportunities funds. The student's high school counselor must approve the drop or withdrawal request in conjunction with the U of I office when withdrawing from a course.

  • A "drop" is when students are taken out of a course within the posted drop/add period of not receiving a grade of W (withdrawal from a course). A dropped course is not included in the transcript.
  • A "withdrawal" is when students are taken out of a course after the posted drop period (some instructors may withdraw students for nonattendance). A grade of "W" will be included in the transcript. This will not affect their college grade point average; however, students should check their high school's policy on how a W affects their high school grade point average.
  1. The student sends a request to their high school counselor by email, requesting that the dual credit course be dropped or withdrawn.
    • Include your full name, Vandal ID number (V00123456), name of the course, the reason you are dropping:
      • Academic Difficulty, Personal Illness, Schedule Change or other
      • This is email is verification and acknowledgment of your’ request.
  2. The high school counselor then forwards the email, along with their approval to
    • The Registrar’s Office will process the request and notify them by email that the request has been processed.
  3. You may also confirm all course changes by logging on to your VandalWeb account.

Dual Credit

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