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University Faculty Liaisons

Faculty Liaisons are the key to the success of the University of Idaho Dual Credit Program. Faculty partner with our teaching partners to develop dual credit courses delivered on the high school campus through their curriculum oversight, mentoring, and support to maintain university equivalency. University faculty, high school teaching partner, and the courses offered for dual credit must comply with the Idaho State Board of Education and the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) standards that govern dual credit programs.

Below is a list of faculty liaison mentorship responsibilities and deliverables according to NACEP's accreditation guidelines.

Mentorship Responsibilities

  1. Provide guidance concerning the grading policies of the department.
  2. Supply high school teachers with current course syllabi, syllabi template, sample exams and other course materials.
  3. Introduce teacher to U of I’s culture.
  4. Facilitate the teacher’s development by networking and sharing resources.
  5. Provide positive and constructive feedback on professional development issue.

Deliverables per Academic Year

  • Syllabi and Syllabi Template (per course)
  • Artifacts: One sample exam and rubric (per course)
  • Site Visits (Every Other Year) 
  • Professional development meeting with HS teachers (8 hours per course | hours may be split into multiple meetings)

Thanks for being a part of the Dual Credit! Below is a link of Faculty Liaison Handbook and responsibilities and deliverables according to NACEP's accreditation guidelines.

Faculty Liaison Handbook >>

Agreements are made between the University of Idaho and the School District for an approved high school teacher to teach a particular university course in their high school. Such an agreement is called a Memorandum of Understanding or MOU. An MOU is in effect until terminated by either party by giving written notice to a designated representative at least 60 days prior to the commencement of a new academic term. An MOU can be terminated at any time by mutual written agreement.

Professional development meeting with HS teachers (8 hours per course || hours may be split into multiple meetings)

Teaching Partners must participate in university provided discipline-specific professional development and ongoing collegial interaction to further enhance teachers’ pedagogy and breadth of knowledge in the discipline. Professional development activities that are not face-to-face, such as online discussion forums, and course management systems (Canvas) are acceptable if they are ongoing, robust, meaningful, and interactive.

Submission Deadlines:

  • July 1

Site Visit and course observations should be completed every other year to observe course content and delivery, student discourse and rapport to ensure that UI curriculum offered through the dual credit program are equivalent to the courses offered on campus.

Observations should include:

  • Teaching methods used
  • Review of the course syllabus
  • Review of sample assessments (non-graded)
  • Collect a sample assessment (graded)

Class Observation Form

Submission Deadlines:

  • Fall: January 1
  • Spring and Yearlong: April 1

If throughout the year, you have story ideas, student, teacher spotlight, or post suggestions, email

Faculty review the dual credit syllabus template and provide feedback on the updated syllabus before school starts each academic year. This requirement ensures that the sponsoring academic department and the Dual Credit office have the latest curriculum changes on file.

Submission Deadline:

  • Second Friday in September

High school teachers wishing to teach dual credit courses at the high school must submit an application to the Dual Credit Office.

Application Deadlines:

  • Fall: June 1st
  • Spring: November 1st

High School Teacher Application Review and Approval Process:

Application packets are forwarded to the sponsoring department for review, and teachers are contacted by the university faculty liaison to discuss course curriculum, syllabus, learning outcomes, and assessment.

After completion of the review process, the faculty liaison will coordinate a time to complete the new course orientation and discuss the course syllabus, textbook review, grading scale, and learning outcomes

Dual Credit

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