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Lodi Price, Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

Phone: (208) 885-7919


Strategic Plan 2016-25

Mission and Vision Statements Available for Comment

Posted Feb. 23, 2016 by John Wiencek

The University of Idaho strategic planning committee is asking for your input on a set of potential mission and vision statements as part of the public comment process on UI’s draft 2016-2025 Strategic Plan.

A mission statement defines our core purpose and focus — why we exist — and defines our priorities and responsibilities. Our vision statement describes what we would like to achieve and accomplish over the next decade.

You can access the mission and vision statements here to vote for your favorite. You may also access the strategic plan and comment either via the strategic plan website or Yellowdig. The public comment period on the draft strategic plan is open until Monday, February 29.

I am looking forward to your feedback on this important process. Thank you in advance for your time and thoughts.

Metrics in Development

Posted Feb. 23, 2016 by John Wiencek

Thank you all so much for the feedback to date. I especially found the comments that have surfaced via the meetings with Deans, VPs, Center Executives and other groups to be most useful. In summary, I am happy to share this update but also to give you my cliff notes of key feedback. Most are happy with the plan and eager to move on to the cascading plan phase. There has been some concern about the metrics chosen in Goal 1. The committee also debated these metrics a bit but agreed that being a Carnegie R1 institution was the right next goal for UI and, given that goal, the metrics are determined by the Carnegie Foundation’s rubrics. That being said, we are customizing the metric table to be more inclusive of our unique programs and attributes. Terminal degrees will be included and that encompasses many applied masters degrees on campus, which was a common concern raised. Other comments came from staff and requested that staff metrics of turnover, salary equity, satisfaction etc. be separated from faculty. We are looking into the feasibility of doing this separation for turnover rates. We can easily do this for the survey results (Great Colleges to Work For survey) and will provide that locally on campus once it is available. Likewise, we will be sharing more salary measures (market competitiveness) across key groups (faculty, classified staff, exempt staff, graduate stipends etc.) once we get a new compensation model and database set up. So, several of these metrics will be shared transparently in the coming year or so, but are not ready to roll out with this plan. For now, we will focus on the survey and turnover data. Both are heavily influenced by salary and other workplace environment matters that we know need to be addressed.

In closing, I do want to share that we are working diligently to get the metrics defined and targets placed into the tables. As we get those data in place, I will continue to provide updates. Once again, thank you all for your feedback and assistance in this important process.

Presentation Materials Available

Posted Feb. 10, 2016 by John Wiencek

We have been having great conversations about the strategic plan draft, and are receiving valuable feedback.  Here are the slides from the presentation at the University Faculty Meeting yesterday, and the President’s Roundtable Meeting this morning.

Strategic Plan Available for Public Comment

Posted Feb. 4, 2016 by John Wiencek

The UI strategic planning committee is pleased to present the first draft of the university’s 2016-2025 Strategic Plan for public review and comment. The new plan is framed around a “journey toward excellence.” There are references to waypoints, cascaded plans, Research Very High measures and integrated planning that may be new to many of you. Hopefully, this draft will give you a sense of where our journey will take us over the next decade.

The public comment period is open until February 29. Please help us develop a robust plan by carefully reviewing the draft and offering ideas for improvement. You can get a copy of the draft plan in several ways:

  1. A PDF copy can be downloaded from this page
  2. Review the plan posted on Yellowdig
  3. Contact your Dean’s office or unit Vice President and request an emailed copy

Extended written feedback on the plan can be provided via Yellowdig or verbally by attending an upcoming meeting inside your college or unit.  We have a short survey tool available or by clicking the Submit Feedback box at the top of this page if you’d like to provide your feedback that way. In addition, I will discuss the status of the Strategic Plan at our next Faculty Meeting on February 9.

The draft will be fleshed out over the next month. For example, we have yet to precisely define all the metrics and target values. Also, we will need to provide a mapping of our new plan to the State Board of Education’s strategic plan. Once the comment period closes, we will make the necessary edits and obtain President Staben’s approval in time for the State Board of Education meeting in April.

We will post updates as we move through the next four weeks, which will be announced via additional blog posts. Please download the plan, fire up your computer and help us plan our journey!  I am looking forward to your feedback on this important document in the coming months.  Thank you in advance for your time and thoughts.

Review the plan by clicking here. We look forward to your feedback. Please direct questions to

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In September 2015, the University of Idaho began the process to create a 10-year strategic plan that will outline the university’s goals and vision through 2025. The new 10-year plan will offer the necessary resources and tactics to support President Chuck Staben's vision to reshape Idaho’s higher education landscape and strengthen the university.

The UI Strategic Plan Development Committee, led by Provost and Executive Vice President John Wiencek, includes members of UI’s faculty, staff and student body. The committee will gather input from the university community and other constituents throughout the plan development process. The draft plan will be completed by March 4, 2016, with a final version submitted to the State Board of Education by March 14, 2016.

If you have questions about the planning process, please email John Wiencek at

Join the Conversation on Yellowdig

Submit Your Ideas >

Committee Members

John Wiencek, Chair,
Sally Machlis, College of Art & Architecture, 
Meladi Lanier, Idaho Falls Center, 
Rick Stoddart, University Libraries, 
Dwaine Hubbard, Academic Affairs Division, 
Mary Kay McFadden, Advancement, 
Representative pending, Alumni Board
Zachary Spence, ASUI, 
Lilian Alessa, Faculty At Large, 
Peter Mundt, Staff At Large, 
Rob Spear, Athletics, 
Danielle Horras, Boise Center, 
Wanda Quinn, Coeur d’Alene Center, 
Jesse Martinez, Chief Diversity Officer’s Area, 
Paul Lewin, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences,
Dan Eveleth, College of Business and Economic Development, 
Melinda Hamilton, College of Education, 
Joe Law, College of Engineering, 
Sean Scoggin, College of Graduate Studies, 
Helane Davis, College of Law, 
Ann Hoste, College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences, 
Penny Morgan, College of Natural Resources, 
Brian Yanites, College of Science, 
Andrew Kersten, Dean, 
Randall Teal, Faculty Senate, 
Brandi Terwilliger, Division of Finance, 
Karen Gowland, UI Foundation
Kent Nelson, General Counsel, 
Rajani Dhingra, GPSA,
Ray Pankopf, Division of Infrastructure, 
Dale Pietrzak, Institutional Research Director (Ex Officio), 
Lodi Price, Provost/EVP’s Chief of Staff (Ex Officio), 
Bob Smith, Research & Economic Development, 
Steve Love, Ag Research and Extension Centers, 
Representative pending, SBA
Elissa Keim, Staff Council, 
Hassel Morrison, Student Affairs Division, 
Nicole Lichtenberg, Student At Large, 
Jeff Seegmiller, WWAMI,

Contact Info

Lodi Price, Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

Phone: (208) 885-7919


Contact Info

Lodi Price, Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

Phone: (208) 885-7919