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Meet U of I’s Climate Change Experts

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Romauld Afatchao

Clinical Professor and Associate Director: Martin Institute and Program in International Studies


Expertise: Climate change policy; national adaption plans; impact of climate change on smallholder agriculture

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Richard Allen

Professor: Department of Soil and Water Systems

Rick Allen


Expertise: Impacts of climate change on irrigation water requirements and evapotranspiration, crop phenology; crop models used in climate change studies

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Timothy Bartholomaus

Assistant Professor: Department of Earth and Spatial Sciences


Expertise: Glacier change; glacier flow; ice sheets; ice/ocean interactions; glacier hydrology; geophysics; Greenland; Alaska

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Luigi Boschetti

Professor of Remote Sensing

CNR 203E


Expertise: Global long term fire monitoring; climatic drivers of global fire regimes; and fire end greenhouse gas emission inventories

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Christopher C. Caudill

Associate Professor: Department of Fish and Wildlife Sciences


Expertise: Thermal ecology of fishes; climate impacts on fish and wildlife populations; bioenergetics; prespawn mortality and disease in salmon in relation to temperature; work with regional agencies on fish migration issues including effects of water temperature; thermal refuges on salmon migration; and genetic responses of rainbow trout to changing climate and environments

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Stephen Cook

Professor: Department of Entomology, Plant Pathology and Nematology


Expertise: Climate change impacts on forest insects and high elevation forests.

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Sanford Eigenbrode

University Distinguished Professor: Department of Entomology, Plant Pathology and Nematology


Expertise: Climate change and agriculture; interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary applied climate change research; climate change and insect pests

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Bruce Haglund

Distinguished Professor: Department of Architecture


Expertise: Effect of climate change on buildings and cities; modeling building performance under different climate scenarios; design and planning to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions; and carbon sequestration in mass timber buildings

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Kristin Haltinner

Associate Professor: Department of Culture, Society and Justice


Expertise: Climate change skepticism and denial; climate change and human populations; role of identity, ideology, politics and culture on human behaviors that drive climate change

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Grant Harley

Associate Professor: Department of Earth and Spatial Sciences

Expertise: Dendrochronology (tree-ring science); climate impacts on drought, tropical cyclones, wildfire, hydrology and vegetation

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Dylan Hedden-Nicely

Associate Professor, Director of Native American Law Program: College of Law


Expertise: Climate change and water rights and indigenous rights; interrelationship of law and science

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Jeffrey A. Hicke

Professor: Department of Earth and Spatial Sciences


Expertise: Climate change impacts on plants, animals, carbon cycle, forests, forest disturbances, insect outbreaks; climate change assessments for the IPCC, US, Idaho, City of Moscow.

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Xiao Hu

Associate Professor: Department of Architecture


Expertise:  urban design and planning under climate change; sustainable design strategies for urban and rural communities; urban policies and governance on climate change; socially and culturally sustainable development, worked globally including in east Asia and Middle-east on urban development for climate adaption.

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Tara Hudiburg

Associate Professor: Department of Forest, Rangeland and Fire Sciences


Expertise: Carbon cycle science; biogeochemistry; land use change; disturbance regimes; mitigation; North American Carbon Program; AmeriFlux; ecosystem modeling; review editor for the 2018 State of the Carbon Cycle Report

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Erin James

Associate Professor: Department of English


Expertise: Cultural aspects of climate change; climate change in fiction and film; the role stories and story-telling play in mitigating climate change; co-PI of the Confluence Lab, which studies climate change in Idaho

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Jodi Johnson-Maynard

Professor and Department Head: Department of Soil and Water Systems

Jodi Johnson-Maynard


Expertise: Climate change and sustainable agriculture

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Brian Kennedy

Professor: Department of Fish and Wildlife Sciences


Expertise: Bioenergetics of fish and implications of thermal stress and adaptation

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Jennifer Ladino

Professor: Department of English


Expertise: Emotions about climate change, including fear, anxiety, nostalgia, solastalgia, resilience and ecological grief; apocalyptic and climate change fiction and film; public memory and tourism in the U.S. West; co-PI of the Confluence Lab, which studies climate change in Idaho

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Katherine Lee

Assistant Professor: Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology


Expertise: Natural resource management; environmental policy; social-ecological systems; bioeconomic modeling; member of working group on climate change in Idaho

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Edwin Lewis

Professor and Department Head: Department of Entomology, Plant Pathology and Nematology


Expertise: Impact of climate change on agriculture and public health, especially concerning pest populations

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Timothy E. Link

Professor of Hydrology: Department of Forest, Rangeland and Fire Sciences


Expertise: Snow hydrology; watershed hydrology; ecohydrology; climate change indicators in Idaho; works with regional agencies and stakeholders on the potential effects of climate change on hydrological systems

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Ryan Long

Associate Professor: Department of Fish and Wildlife Sciences


Expertise: Effects of climatic variation on behavior and physiology of mammals

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Timothy Prather

Professor: Department of Plant Sciences


Expertise: Plant community susceptibility to invasion models that include climate related variables

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Russell Qualls

Associate Professor and Idaho State Climatologist: Department of Biological Engineering


Expertise: Climate variability and change; climate impacts on mountain snowpack and evapotranspiration; satellite remote sensing of snow; consults with state and federal agencies on climatic impacts on hydrology

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Dilshani Sarathchandra

Associate Professor: Department of Culture, Society and Justice


Expertise: climate change denial; climate communication; risk perception; trust

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Scott Slovic

Professor: Department of English

Expertise: Climate change communication; climate literature; climate change pedagogy in the humanities; perception of hyperobjects and slow violence

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Lee Vierling

Professor and Department Head: Department of Natural Resources and Society


Expertise: Vegetation response to climate change; land use, ecosystem carbon allocation and climate change; satellite imagery and vegetation productivity related to climate; fossil evidence of past climate histories.

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Elowyn Yager

Professor: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Director of Center for Ecohydraulics Research


Expertise: Effects of climate change on river morphology and stability, sediment transport and aquatic habitat

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