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U of I Researchers Discuss the Effects of Climate Change on Idaho Agriculture

Earth’s climate is changing, but the effects of climate change vary widely around the world. To explain the influence of climate change on agriculture in Idaho, we reached out to our climate change experts.

More Earth Selfies

U of I scientists monitor the state’s water using landsat satellite images that provide data for each parcel of land every eight days. That sometimes isn’t enough coverage to produce a monthly evapotranspiration map.

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The Vandal Theory

Listen to “The Vandal Theory,” U of I’s science podcast. We ask how climate change is affecting everything from temperature and precipitation in Idaho to the state’s agriculture, ranching and aquaculture industries.

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Plant Diseases Heat Up

Fusarium head blight is a fungal disease that infects wheat and barley and that produces a toxin that causes humans to vomit. CALS’ Professor Juliet Marshall suggests the disease is becoming harder to control as temperatures increase.

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The Problem with Wetter Springs

Wet springs – coupled with a trend of drier than historically normal July through October months – is limiting farmers’ ability to fully achieve the potential benefits of direct seeding or planting into minimally disturbed soils.

See How One CALS Alum is Dealing

Earthworms Answer Questions

A survey of Palouse earthworms found, under certain climatic conditions, only specific species of earthworms exist or they cannot occur at all, CALS’ Professor Jodi Johnson-Maynard said.

Investigate an Earthworm’s World

Watering Idaho

It’s difficult to identify water requirement changes that can be attributed to climate change. The amount of water crops need to grow shifts each year, but CALS’ researchers said there are trends when it comes to temperature and precipitation.

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