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College of Natural Resources

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Luigi Boschetti

Luigi Boschetti, Ph.D.

Professor of Remote Sensing


CNR 203E



Mailing Address

Department of Forest, Rangeland and Fire Sciences
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 1133
Moscow, ID 83844-1133

Earned Degrees

  • 2005 Ph.D. Geodesy and Geomatics (2005), Politecnico di Milano, Italy (cum laude)
  • 2000 B.Sc./M.S. Environmental Engineering (2000), Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Research Interests

  • Global fire monitoring
  • Global fire regimes
  • Fire and climate
  • Biomass burning emission estimation
  • REDD+
  • Global environmental remote sensing applications
  • Global Carbon Cycle

Humber, M., Boschetti, L., Giglio, L., Assessing the shape accuracy of coarse resolution burned area identifications in the western United States, IEEE TGRS, in press.

Zubkova, M., Boschetti, L., Abatzoglou, J., and Giglio, L., Changes in Fire Activity in Africa from 2002 to 2016 and Their Potential Drivers, 2019, Geophysical Research Letters DOI:10.1029/2019GL083469.

Roy, D., Huang., H., Boschetti, L., Giglio, L., Yan, L., Zhang, H. and Li, Z., Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 burned area mapping - a combined sensor multi-temporal change detection approach, Remote Sensing of Environment, 231, 111254.

Boren, E., Boschetti L., Johnson, D., Characterizing the Variability of the Structural Parameter in the PROSPECT Leaf Optical Properties Model, Remote Sensing, 11(10), p.1236

Huo, L., Boschetti, L. and Sparks, A., (2019) Object-based classification of forest disturbance types in the conterminous United States, Remote Sensing, 11(5), 477

Abatzoglou, J. T., Williams, A. P., Boschetti, L., Zubkova, M., and Kolden, C. A. (2018). Global patterns of interannual climate–fire relationships. Global change biology, 24(11), 5164-5175.

Giglio, L., Boschetti, L., Roy, D. P., Humber, M. L., & Justice, C. O. (2018). The Collection 6 MODIS burned area mapping algorithm and product. Remote sensing of environment, 217, 72-85.

Humber, M., Boschetti, L., Giglio., L., Justice, C., 2018, Spatial and Temporal Intercomparison of Four Global Burned Area Products, International Journal of Digital Earth, DOI: 10.1080/17538947.2018.1433727.

Boschetti, L., Stehman, S. V., & Roy, D. P. (2016). A stratified random sampling design in space and time for regional to global scale burned area product validation. Remote Sensing of Environment, 186, 465-478.

Rossi, S., Tubiello, F., Prosperi, P., Salvatore, M., Jacobs, H., Biancalani, R. and Boschetti, L., 2016, FAOSTAT estimates of greenhouse gas emissions from biomass and peat fires, Climatic Change, 1-13.

Boschetti, L., Roy, D. P., Justice, C. O., & Humber, M. L. (2015). MODIS–Landsat fusion for large area 30m burned area mapping. Remote Sensing of Environment, 161, 27-42.

Kumar, S.S., Roy, D.P., Cochrane, M.A., Souza JR, C.M., Barber, C., Boschetti, L., 2014, A quantitative study of the proximity of satellite detected active fires to roads and rivers in the Brazilian tropical moist forest biome, International Journal of Wildland Fire.

Smith, A.M.S., Kolden, K.A, Tinkham, W. T., Talhelm, A., Marshall, J., D., Hudak, A.T., Greenberg, J., Falkowski, M.J., Anderson, J. W., Kliskey, A., Alessa, L., Boschetti, L., Keefe, R.F. and Gosz, J.R., 2014, Remote Sensing the Vulnerability of Vegetation in Natural Terrestrial Ecosystem, Remote Sensing of Environment, 254, 322-337.

Sparks, A.M., Boschetti, L., Tinkham, W.T., Smith, A.M.S., and Lannom, K.O.,2014, An accuracy assessment of the MTBS burned area product for shrub-steppe fires in the northern Great Basin, United States, International Journal of Wildland Fire, 24, 70-78.

Smith, A.M.S., Tinkham, W.T., Roy, D.P., Boschetti, L., Kremens, R.L., Kumar, S.S., Sparks, A., Falkowski, M.J., 2013, Quantification of fuel moisture effects on biomass consumed derived from fire radiative energy retrievals, Geophysical Research Letters, 40, 6298–6302, doi:10.1002/2013GL058232.

Clerici, N., Weissteiner, C.J., Paracchini, M.L., Boschetti, L., and Baraldi, A., 2013, Pan-European distribution modelling of stream riparian zones based on multi-source Earth Observation data, Ecological Indicators 24, 211-223.


Active Projects:

February 2018- January 2021 “Using the NASA polar orbiting fire product record to enhance and expand the Global Wildfire Information System (GWIS)”. Source of support: NASA.
P.I.: Boschetti, L., Co-I: Roy, D. (Michigan State University).

March 2018- February 2021 “Africa burned area product generation, quality assessment and validation – demonstrating a Multi-Source Land Imaging (MuSLI) Landsat-8 Sentinel-2 capability)”. Source of support: NASA.
P.I.: Roy, D. (Michigan State University) Co-I: Boschetti, L. (University of Idaho PI), Huang H. (Michigan State University)

December 2017 – November 2020 “Development of a Suomi NPP VIIRS Global Burned Area Earth System Data Record”. Source of support: NASA
P.I.: Giglio L. (University of Maryland). Co-I: Boschetti, L. (University of Idaho PI), Roy, D. (Michigan State University)

May 2020 – April 2024 “Object-based aggregation of fuel structures, physics-based fire behavior and self-organizing smoke plumes for improved fuel, fire, and smoke management on military lands”. Source of support: DoD.
P.I.: Hudak, A. (USFS-USDA), Co-I: Boschetti, L. (University of Idaho PI), Prichard, S. (University of Washington), French, N. (Michigan Tech), Hoffman, C., (Colorado State University), Kockanski, A. (University of Utah), Clements, C. (San Jose State University), Kremens R. (Rochester Institute of Technology), Hiers K. (Tall Timbers), Ball T. (FireBall Inc.)

Completed projects:

April 2014 – April 2017, “Prototyping global industrial forest mapping, a Landsat spatio-temporal approach”, P.I.: Boschetti, L.. Co-Is: Keefe, R., Smith, A.M., Hudak, A.

September 2014 – September 2017, “Maintenance of the MODIS Global Active Fire and Burned Area Products”, NASA, PI: Louis Giglio (University of Maryland), Co-Is: Boschetti (Idaho PI), Roy, Justice.

January 2011-December 2014 "MODIS Burned Area Maintenance, Improvement and Validation", Justice C.O. (Principal Investigator), Boschetti, L. (Co- Principal Investigator), Roy, D. (Co-Principal Investigator), Giglio, L. (Co- Principal Investigator) Source of Support: NASA. Project Website:

January 2011- August 2014 "MODIS-Landsat data fusion for high spatial resolution multiannual wall to wall burned area mapping of the Conterminous United States", Boschetti, L. (Principal Investigator), Roy, D. (Co-Principal Investigator), Source of Support: NASA

January 2011-December 2015 "Sentinel 3 Science Products: a US contribution". Justice C.O. (Principal Investigator), Boschetti, L. (Co- Principal Investigator), Giglio, L. (Co- Principal Investigator), Vermote E. (Co- Principal Investigator). Source of Support: NASA

April 2011-October 2014, “Land Cover Land Use Change Scientist Program Support.” Justice C. (Principal Investigator), Boschetti L. (Co-Principal Investigator), Vadrevu K. (Co-Principal Investigator) Source of support: NASA

August 2009 - August 2010: Reconciliation between the MODIS Active Fires and Burned Area Products for Improved Biomass Burned and Uncertainty Estimation. Boschetti, L. (Principal Investigator), Roy, D. (Co- Principal Investigator) and Smith A.M. (Co- Principal Investigator). Source of support: NASA

December 2007 – December 2010: A Global Burned Area ESDR, Justice, C. O. (Principal Investigator), Boschetti, L. (Co- Principal Investigator), Roy, D. (Co- Principal Investigator), Giglio, L. (Co- Principal Investigator). Source of Support: NASA


GOFC-Gold Fire Implementation Team, member
NASA MODIS Science Team, member 
CEOS CalVal LPV Fire Focus Group, co-lead

January 2014 - September2014, “Fire Carbon Assessment in the context of National Forest Monitoring Systems for a transparent and truthful REDD+”, Boschetti L. (Principal Investigator), Source of Support: UN FAO

Contact Us

College of Natural Resources

Physical Address:
975 W. 6th Street
Moscow, Idaho

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Drive MS 1138
Moscow, ID 83844-1138

Phone: 208-885-8981

Fax: 208-885-5534


Web: College of Natural Resources