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Work Study Supervisors

General Information
Job Requests
Pay Rates
Student's Responsibilities
Electronic Time Slips
Checking Work-Study Records

General Information:

College Work-Study is a need based financial aid program designed to provide jobs to full-time students to help them meet their school-related expenses. Funds are provided jointly by federal government (75%) and by the state of Idaho (25%). In most cases, a student must have met the University of Idaho's priority FAFSA filing date to be considered for this award. Work-study awards are based on need and are usually combined with other kinds of financial aid. Earnings must be from a University of Idaho department, no non-University of Idaho jobs are offered at this time.

If a student earns their entire Work-study award, they may not continue working without an increase in their award from the Financial Aid Office. Increases are based on the student's financial need and the availability of funds. The University of Idaho department may choose to switch the payroll to IH. Students earning more than their award must be paid from Departmental IH Funds.

Job Request:

The Electronic Job Request must be completed before hiring a work-study employee. Each academic college and some larger departments have a work-study delegate.

  • 1. The supervisor submitting the Electronic Job Request must also sign the Job Referral.
    Please notify our office if there is a change in supervisors.
  • 2. Hiring of Work-Study students must not result in the displacement of regularly employed workers.
    Federal regulations caution against the use of students in jobs which traditionally have been filled by full time personnel. It is the intent of the program to create new and expanded job opportunities.

Pay Rates:

Pay rates  should follow guidelines for IH pay rates. The supervisor is responsible for determining the pay rate and providing raises when appropriate. Pay rates should be determined by the type of work, performance and/or experience, NOT THE SIZE OF THE STUDENT'S WORK-STUDY AWARD.  Minimum wage is $7.25.  Learn more about Job Classification Levels and Titles.


Students are expected to arrange a schedule with their supervisor and adhere to it. Supervisors should be contacted if the student is not able to come to work. Per federal regulation, "a work-study student is to be paid an hour of pay for an hour of work". There are no paid lunch hours, study hours, holiday, vacations, etc. Student employees are prohibited from using work study for holiday pay.  If they intend to work on a UI recognized holiday, a separate TH job must be established. Students are allowed the same morning and/or afternoon breaks as the regular employees. A student may not work more than 40 hours in a week, total of all University of Idaho employment. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to keep track of earnings and award balances so that the student does not work over the amount awarded.

Student's Responsibility:

Students are expected to give punctual, efficient, and cooperative performances. Those who do not perform in such a manner may have their work-study job terminated. Please notify the Financial Aid Office WS Coordinator BY MEMO if problems arise which cannot be resolved within your office. Please be sure the memo includes the student's name, ID number, and the reasons for termination. The student should have a prior warning and been given a reasonable time period to correct the problem before termination.


Information regarding Work-Study responsibilities is given to students at the group orientation session or by reading this page. Clear instruction with regard to assigned duties and expectations should be given by the supervisor. When supervision is lacking or when it does not result in a cooperative attitude, the WS Coordinator should be contacted.

Electronic Time Slips:

Departments are encouraged to keep their records in clock hour time. This means your time slips will show when the student worked, not just the number of hours. NOTE: The VandalWeb system counts time worked in hundredths of an hour: 2 hours 15 minutes = 2.25 (rounded to the nearest 100th of an hour).

Monday 1-3 PM Monday 2 hr.
Tuesday 9-11 AM Tuesday 2 hr.

Due to federal Work-Study Program audit requirements, the Payroll office is required to keep electronic time sheets for five years.

Supervisors who are not familiar with the electronic time sheet process can view a tutorial or access the web time and leave entry training manual.

A student may not exceed their stated award amount. The department should not submit hours to Payroll that will result in an overage on the Work-study Program. For example: If your balance shows 20 hours remaining and the time slip shows 30 hours worked, only 20 hours should be submitted on the WS budget and 10 hours to your IH account. A separate TH budget may be created to cover hours worked beyond your work study allocation. You will need to request a new IH EPAF for future earnings and terminate the WS EPAF.

Please do not add a Work-Study budget to an existing IH time slip. This will generate a report in Payroll, which will automatically revert the hours back to the IH budget. A student should not be paid from WS funds until all paperwork and approvals are finished. A student must have a Work Authorization Card from the Human Resources office within three days of beginning work. The student must renew their Work Authorization Card every three years.




A department may not submit retroactive hours for a student after June 1st for the past academic year. Any hours submitted after June 1st will be billed to the departmental IH account.

Checking Work-Study Records:

You can login to Vandalweb and view all students associated with your job postings and their remaining Work-Study balances. Choose "Work Study Management" on the main Vandalweb page. Please contact Financial Aid for information if your timekeeper does not already have access to these forms.