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Resident High School Scholarships

Home school students, students from non-accredited high schools, and students who have earned their GED should contact Student Financial Aid Services with questions.

High school student from Idaho

The Go Idaho! Scholarship Program recognizes our new, first-time undergraduate students who are residents of Idaho with a guaranteed minimum level of scholarship funding. Students who are admitted and meet the following criteria are guaranteed to receive the level of funding listed below from a combination of U of I scholarships. This funding level is guaranteed for up to three additional years with a minimum 2.5 GPA.


Accredited High School Unweighted GPA

Level of Funding

Platinum 3.9 - 4.0  $4,000
 Gold  3.75 - 3.899  $3,000
 Silver  3.4 - 3.749  $2,000
 Bronze  3.0 - 3.399  $1,000

Home school students and students from non-accredited high schools will be considered based on ACT and SAT scores.

New students will receive general, non-department awarded scholarships their first year to meet their guaranteed level of funding. Department awarded scholarships will go to students who have previously attended U of I to help meet their guaranteed level of funding.

This means, as a new student, you will receive the same dollar amount of scholarships (based on guaranteed level of funding), but it will not be tied to your academic area of study. This process allows you to explore different academic areas of study without losing scholarships if you change your academic major.

By maintaining a minimum 2.5 GPA, Go Idaho! program qualifiers are guaranteed to receive this level of funding for up to four years. Additional need-based funds may be available based on the results of your FAFSA.

Award notifications will begin in early Jan.

The University of Idaho is a first choice for aspiring leaders from around the U.S. In fact, we are a leader among schools in the Northwest and enroll more National Merit Scholars than all Idaho institutions combined.

The Idaho National Merit Scholar program guarantees a full-ride scholarship that covers university-defined educational costs for basic tuition and fees, housing and meals in a U of I residence hall for four years to all National Merit Finalists who declare the University of Idaho their first choice institution.

How do I qualify for the National Merit Scholarship?

  • Achieve Finalist standing with the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.
  • Be admitted as a first year student entering direct from high school or home school.
  • Submit a copy of your National Merit Finalist letter to the Financial Aid Office.
  • Declare the University of Idaho as first school of choice with the National Merit Scholarship Corporation by their deadline on April 30.

What is the Value of the National Merit Scholarship?

This award covers basic registration fees/tuition and the university-defined cost for housing and meals for a traditional undergraduate as long as you live in a U of I residence hall. Fees/tuition are set by the state board of education in April. The value of this award for the 2018-19 academic year is $16,744 for Idaho residents. For non-residents a full non-resident tuition waiver (value $17,636) is also included. That's over $64,000 in cash scholarships plus a full non-resident tuition waiver for non-residents over four years. The best news is that the value of the scholarship increases at the same rate as costs increase.

Will the National Merit Scholarship cover all my expenses?

The scholarship covers basic registration and tuition and fees only. You will be responsible to pay for special course and lab fees. The housing and meals portion provides an allowance if you live in a U of I residence hall. The amount is the university-defined cost for a double room (not including the LLC Living Learning Center), and a standard meal plan for a typical undergraduate.

How do I continue to receive the National Merit Scholarship?

Maintain a minimum 3.3 cumulative U of I GPA and enroll full-time each semester (a minimum of 12 credits). You may receive the award up to eight semesters.

Take advantage of external resources such as non-University of Idaho specific scholarships. It pays to search and apply. Any extra resource you bring in can help pay for the great education offered at the U of I.

Although you are automatically considered for any university-based scholarships for which you are eligible, we highly recommend that you consider additional sources of funding. Speak with your guidance counselor and check with family employers, credit unions, churches and other community organizations to see if they offer scholarships. Financial aid has a resource center located inside the financial aid office in The Pitman Center. You will find documents relating to other aid options, including a large list of outside scholarships. You may also find some of the following links helpful.


The University of Idaho is a participant in the RaiseMe scholarship program. RaiseMe enables students to earn scholarships throughout high school, starting as early as 9th grade, for doing all the things that best prepare them to succeed, whether that’s getting good grades, volunteering in the community or joining an extracurricular. High school students considering the University of Idaho should enroll in the program, using the link below, and start earning today.

Idaho State Sources

Military Sources

ROTC Military Scholarships

The United States Air Force, Army, and Navy offer government scholarships to students who participate in their ROTC programs.

United States Army ROTC

This program offers 3 ½ year, 3 year, 2 ½ year and 2 year on campus scholarships that will pay for in/out state tuition and fees, pay $510 for books annually, and give at least $250 per month as a stipend while in school. National three-year advance designee (3AD) scholarship recipients will receive $1,000 each semester for their first year in the program. Call: University of Idaho Army ROTC for application at 208-885-6528.

United States Air Force ROTC

This program offers scholarships to students who have at least two years remaining towards their bachelor degree when the scholarship starts. Air Force ROTC scholarship awards may be as follows: Type I: Pays tuition, books, fees, and a monthly stipend during the academic year. Type II: The same as Type I, except tuition costs are limited to $9,000 per year. Call: University of Idaho Unit Admissions Officer, AFROTC Detachment 905, at 208-885-6129 or 800-622-5088.

United State Navy/Marine ROTC

This program offers scholarships to students selected through national competition. These scholarships cover college tuition, lab fees, books, uniforms, and include a monthly stipend. Call: University of Idaho, Commanding Officer, Naval Science Department at 208-885-6333. 

Search Engines

Corporate Affiliations

Corporate Affiliation Program Awards - The corporate affiliation program provides awards to members, children or spouses affiliated with U of I and the corporation.

Scholarship Scam Alert

Scholarship Scam Alert - Not everyone is trying to help. Beware of requests for payment when requesting information about receiving money for education.

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