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Extension ExPress Newsletter

October 2021

  • Director's Message
  • Impact: 4-H; food safety; garden; trends; food systems; insect photos; faculty spotlights
  • Featured Publication: Livestock care for beginning and small-scale producers (BUL 1001)

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December 2021

  • Director's Message
  • Impact: Water; grazing; STEM; Kimberly R&E center; faculty spotlights
  • Featured Publication: Pink root disease of onion — biology and control (BUL 1000)

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June 2021

  • Director's Message
  • Impact: Success; saving; pumpkins; horticulture; activity; faculty spotlight
  • Featured Publication: H2O to Go (BUL 971)

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March 2021

  • Director's Message
  • Impact: Health; teaching; mental health; faculty spotlight
  • Featured Publication: Presenting Online (BUL 968)

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December 2020

  • Director's Message
  • Impact: Farm; DNA; 4-H; faculty spotlight
  • Featured Resources: Idaho AgBiz; Making Jerky at Home Safely (PNW 632)

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September 2020

  • Director's Message — Ready for Living
  • Extension Impact: COVID-19 Response, Preparing Young Cattle Producers, Prescription for Produce, LifeSmarts for Young Adults
  • Video Promotion: Protecting Water Systems
  • Faculty Spotlight: Welcome Albert Adjesiwor and Jared Spackman
  • Featured Publication: Pasture and Range Plants that Endanger Livestock in Southwestern Idaho (BUL 960)

June/July 2020

  • Director's Message — Responding Locally
  • Extension Impact: Extension Trends, Strengthening STEM, Don't Corona My Cash, Field Days
  • Video Promotion: Stewarding Our Land
  • Faculty Spotlight: Farewell Gary Fornshell and Glenn Shewmaker
  • Featured Publication: Slow Cooking from Start to Finish (PNW 735)

March 2020

  • Director's Message — Stepping Up to COVID-19
  • Extension Impact: Cultivating Veteran Farmers, Reducing Ammonia Emissions, Shi’wshi’wtm he hndesn (Young Women’s Camp), Gaining a Global Perspective
  • Faculty Spotlight: Jackie Jamison, Rhett Spear and Audra Cochran
  • Featured Publication: Pantry Pest Guide (PNW 729)

December 2019

  • Director's Message — Looking Forward
  • Extension Impact: That's Life, Managing Pests
  • Faculty Spotlight: Grant Loomis, Claire Sponseller, Tracey Johnson and Cameron Packer
  • Featured Publication: Tips for Entrepreneurs: Regulations for Selling Prepared Foods (BUL 946)

September 2019

  • Director's Message — Another Successful Fair Season
  • Extension Impact: Evaluating Wheat Varieties, Protecting Pollinators, Connecting Communities
  • Faculty Spotlight: David Callister, Janna Verburg Hamlett, Nic Usabel, Yvonne Barkley
  • Featured Publication: Pesticide Applicator Training

June 2019

  • Director's Message — Time to Explore Idaho
  • Extension Impact: Ag Tech: Sharing New Options, Heritage Orchard Conference Gives Historical Grounding, Legislative Committee Visits Parma, Extending Science-Based Knowledge Since 1892
  • Faculty Spotlight: Lauren "Lu" Hauger, Mary Ridout, Sendy Martinez
  • Featured Publication: Idaho's Noxious Weeds (BUL 816)

March 2019

  • Director's Message — Cultivating the Harvest
  • Extension Impact: Latina Entrepreneurship Workshops, Monitoring the Range, Going for a Walk, Promoting Healthy Living
  • Faculty Spotlight: Shaina Nomee, Sara Fluer, Chandra Vaughan, Don Morishita
  • Featured Publication: Designing an Edible Landscape in Idaho (BUL 921)

December 2018

  • Director's Message — Planning for Priorities
  • Extension Impact: Introducing Youth to STEM Through Robotics, Suitability for Viticulture, Diabetes Prevention
  • Faculty Spotlight: Karie Boone, Ron Patterson, Leslee Blanch, Chris Hamilton, Kelli Loftus
  • Featured Publication: Boxelder Bug Nuisance Management for Homeowners (CIS 1155)

September 2018

  • Director's Message — Opportunities for Extension
  • Extension Impact: Maximizing Cover Crops, Game Based Learning, The Diversity of Rangeland, Building Interest in STEM
  • Faculty Spotlight: Justin Hatch, Bracken Henderson, Rebecca Mills, Samantha Roberts, Donna Schwarting
  • Featured Publication: Protecting Streams and Lakes in Idaho: A Landowner’s Guide (CIS 1228)

June 2018

  • Director's Message — Summer in Action
  • Extension Impact: Idaho youth attend NASA Solar Eclipse camp, In High Demand, Preventing Foodborne Illness, Creating Teen Leaders, Supporting the Beef Industry
  • Faculty Spotlight: Andrew Bingham, Laura Foist, Andy West, Sonya Meyer, Harriet Shaklee
  • Featured Publication: Working with a Professional Forester

March 2018

  • Director's Message — Welcome!
  • Extension Impact: Cooking Under Pressure, Communication Through Apparel, Feeding the Tetons, Detecting Crop Diseases
  • Faculty Spotlight: Jason Thomas, Erik Anderson, Stuart Parkinson, Wayne B. Jones, Nancy Melville
  • Featured Publication: Idaho's Noxious Weeds

Director’s Message — Welcome!

During this past year, we conducted a needs assessment to learn what the people of Idaho want from their University of Idaho Extension. We gathered input from surveys and also conducted six listening sessions throughout the state. In addition to the in-person listening sessions, we also used technology to conduct electronic listening sessions in our more rural counties. A common theme throughout reflected a need to increase the awareness of University of Idaho Extension — who we are, what we do and how we can help build a stronger Idaho. As a result, we are using this quarterly electronic newsletter to tell our story and increase awareness of University of Idaho Extension.

We also used the needs assessment to inform a new vision and strategic plan. Our new vision is, University of Idaho Extension: Leaders in building a thriving, prosperous, healthy Idaho. Our faculty and staff are committed to delivering research-based educational programming to help the people of Idaho solve problems, develop skills and live a better life. We are committed to being innovative in our program delivery and we also embrace technology. We are committed to working hard to find solutions to the problems you face. Together with you, we can build a thriving, prosperous, healthy Idaho.

Barbara Petty

Associate Dean & Director of UI Extension

Ag Science, Room 52


University of Idaho Extension

Physical Address:
E. J. Iddings Agricultural Science Laboratory, Room 52
606 S Rayburn St.
Moscow, ID

Mailing Address:
University of Idaho Extension
875 Perimeter Drive MS 2338
Moscow, ID 83844-2338

Phone: 208-885-5883

Fax: 208-885-6654


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Barbara Petty