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Food Preservation and Safety

4-H Home Food Preservation Series: Freezing Project Manual

For ages eight to 18, the freezing project manual covers the basics of healthy eating and food safety and specific instructions for freezing fruits; juices; vegetables; meat, fish and poultry; and...

Big Game from Hunt to Home

$6.25 For your next hunting trip, the information in this publication will make sure the meat you bring home will be high quality. Meat from big game animals (deer, antelope, elk, moose and bear)...

Buenas prácticas en el campo para trabajadores agrícolas

Los trabajadores agrícolas, productores, and propietarios de frutas y hortalizas deben estar bien entrenadas en practicas que promuevan la salud y la higiene. Este manual bilingüe le ayuda a usted...

Canning Fruits

$1.50 This publication explains how to ensure both safety and quality when canning fresh fruits. Details covered include selecting and preparing equipment; preparing apples, apricots, berries,...

Canning Meat, Poultry, and Game

This guide walks you through the essential steps to ensure tasty yet safe results. You will find information every beginner needs, including recipes and an easy-to-read table for determining...

Canning Seafood

$5 Learn how to can salmon, tuna, clams, crab, oysters, shrimp and other fish and how to be sure your canned seafood is safe to eat. Author and revised by Carolyn A. Raab, 1979, 2003, 2011. Revised...

Canning Timer and Checklist Application

Select from over 50 popular foods used in home canning — including vegetables, fruits, meats, jams, jellies, pickles and seafood — to generate a checklist and timer for processing. This app lets...

Canning Tomatoes and Tomato Products

$3.50 Covers how to select equipment, prepare equipment and tomatoes, pack jars, add acid and salt, close jars, cool, test for a seal, store and check jars for spoilage. Outlines steps for...

Canning Vegetables

$2 Canning is a great way to preserve your garden vegetables. When canned properly, vegetables will retain their nutrients and flavor. Canned improperly, they can kill, sicken or be poor in quality.

Conservas de Frutas

Esta publicación explica cómo garantizar tanto la seguridad como la calidad de las frutas frescas guardadas en conserva. Los detalles cubiertos incluyen la selección y la preparación del equipo; la...

Conservas de Tomates y Productos de Tomates

Se deben usar métodos seguros para el envase de tomates o productos de tomate. Como resultado de nuevos hallazgos de investigación y cambios en las variedades de tomates, las recomendaciones para...

Conservas de Vegetales

Guardar en conserva puede ser una forma estupenda de obtener el beneficio total de los vegetales de su jardín. Cuando se preparan correctamente, los alimentos retienen sus nutrientes y sabor. Si se...

Customer Complaints: An Important Food-Safety and -Quality Opportunity

No one really likes to handle customer complaints, yet ignoring them might prove hazardous to your bottom line. Indeed, they can be a gold mine of information that, used shrewdly, improves your...

Elaboración Segura del Queso Fresco

Instrucciones — preparación segura para preparar el queso fresco. Autora: Lizann Powers-Hammond 6 páginas

Ensuring Training Effectiveness: Evaluating Good Manufacturing Training

Food-manufacturing facilities spend a tremendous amount of time developing and delivering training. If employee competencies don't improve, however, it's important to know why. Learn the basics...

Farm-direct Marketing: Food Safety and Product Quality

This is the new, eighth publication in the Farm-direct Marketing set. Includes information on aspects of keeping your products fresh and safe, such as proper cooling, handling, storage, chilling...

Food and Your Family

Involving preschool children (up to five years old) in the kitchen and the cooking process is a great way to deepen family bonds but it also teaches skills that strengthen a child’s development.

Freezing Convenience Foods

$2.50 Learn all about freezing foods that you have prepared at home, including cakes; pies; meat, fish, poultry and pasta dishes; soups, meals in a bag; and vegetable dishes. Find out which items...

Freezing Fruits and Vegetables

$5 This publication describes how to freeze fruits, vegetables and juices, and how to refreeze frozen foods. Includes freezing fruit without sugar, with ascorbic acid, in syrup and packed in sugar;...

Fresh Cheese Made Safely

Queso fresco, a fresh, crumbly, white cheese, can be made at home. Step-by-step process for making this cheese safely included. Author: Lizann Powers-Hammond 6 pages

Fruit Pie Fillings for Home Canning

Learn how to make home-canned peaches, berries, cherries and apples for use in pies, sauces or other desserts in this four-color publication. Along with guidelines for what thickeners to use and...

Good Field Practices for Agricultural Workers

The Pacific Northwest is known for its high-quality produce. To preserve this reputation, all people involved in farm activities should be thoroughly trained in practices that promote health and...

Guía para Utilizar y Cuidar Su Olla a Presión Eléctrica Programable

Una olla a presión eléctrica programable (EPPC) lo ayuda a servir comidas en una cuestión de minutos. Aprenda a operar y cuidar estas maravillas versátiles de un solo olla recipiente en esta...

H2O to Go: Staying Hydrated Safely!

Because drinking water is a requirement for human survival, it is important to know the basic facts so you can maintain your general health. Along with telling you how much water to drink each day,...

Home Freezing of Seafood

Learn how to prepare and freeze fish so that it tastes almost as fresh and delicately flavored as the day it was caught. Revised by Barbara Rasco and originally prepared by Kenneth S. Hildebrand, Jr.

How to Become USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) FSIS (Food Safety Inspection Service) Inspected

Selling meat products successfully involves complying with regulations, particularly surviving a Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) inspection of your facility’s slaughter and processing stages.


El tasajo es una fuente de proteína nutritiva, no perecedero, y ligero, pero su preparación requiere mucho cuidado. Si se hace incorrectamente, puede envenenarse a sí mismo o a los demás. Esta...

Making Jerky at Home Safely

$7 Jerky is a nutritious, nonperishable, and lightweight protein source, but making it requires a lot of care. If done incorrectly, you can poison yourself or others. This publication shows you how...

Market Fresh in a Snap!

Teaching children how to eat healthy food yields lifelong benefits. It also supports local farmers. Let this 66-page booklet show you the way to do both, via 35 tasty, handpicked and no-cook...

Pantry Pest Guide: Common Insect Culprits in Homes and Kitchens of the Pacific Northwest

The purpose of this guide is to help residents in the Pacific Northwest to identify common insect pests that occur in pantries and kitchens. This guide is not meant to be all inclusive, but is...

Pickling Fish and Other Aquatic Foods for Home Use

$1 Outlines the basic steps in pickling fish and gives a basic recipe suitable for pickling most fish with high oil contents. Authors: Barbara Rasco, Kenneth S. Hildebrand, Jr 2 pages

Pickling Vegetables

$3.75 Describes the equipment and ingredients needed for pickling, and how to pack jars, process vegetables and store the pickled results. Includes 17 recipes, processing times for various...

Preparing for a Third-Party Audit in Food Manufacturing

Third-party audits are part of running a food-manufacturing business, but the prospect of them can be intimidating if you aren’t prepared. This bulletin helps you to identify the crucial issues...

Proper Egg Handling: From Farm or Grocery Store to Table

Eggs are part of a healthy diet and a convenient protein source. If not managed properly they can cause illness. Learn the food-safety basics of handling, storing, selling and consuming eggs from...

Recetas de Salsa para Guardar en Conserva

Esta famosa publicación ha sido actualizada con 5 nuevas recetas de salsa fáciles y sabrosas con suficientes variaciones aprobadas como para complacer hasta a los más exigentes preparadores de salsa.

Salsa Recipes for Canning

$2.50 Salsa is one of the most popular condiments, so much so that many consumers make it at home. But do you know how to prepare this savory, spicy treat for canning? Indeed, maintaining adequate...

Sanitizer Basics for the Food Industry

Cleaning and sanitation are critical to maintaining quality and safety in your food industry operation. This PNW helps food industry operations make cleaning and sanitizing programs part of their...

Simplify Dinnertime: A Guide to Make-Ahead Freezer Meals for Electric Pressure–Cooking

Do you scramble to put something together for dinner after work? Worry no more. With a freezer meal plan in hand and your electric pressure cooker at the ready, you can prepare meals way ahead of...

Smoking Fish at Home-Safely

$1 Smoked fish is a healthy, protein-rich food, but it usually contains a lot of sodium. Although salting is a vital technique that wards off foodborne illness, meat treats like these should be...

The Science of Chocolate: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Making confections can be a yummy and fun educational experience for children. But for everyone to get the most out of it, you need patience and scientific knowledge. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth, a...

There Are Dangers Lurking in Your Flour

Many don't realize that raw flour can transmit foodborne illnesses. This PNW publication outlines the risks of flour-based crafts and the steps you can take to keep people safe. Authors: Stephanie A.

Things to Consider When Buying Used Commercial Food-Processing Equipment

Buying used equipment for a food-processing facility or commercial kitchen can be a money-saving move, but you need to do your homework. Otherwise, the purchase might cost you more in the long run.

You Can Prevent Foodborne Illness

$2 What is a foodborne illness? What causes it? How can your reduce your risk of getting one? Learn about all this and more, including various types of foodborne illnesses, the proper use a...


Physical Address:
E. J. Iddings Agricultural Science Laboratory, Room 10
606 S Rayburn St

Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Drive MS 2332 Moscow, ID 83844-2332

Phone: 208-885-7982

Fax: 208-885-9046