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4-H Programs and Projects

Learn about 4-H programs and projects, how to choose one and completing guides and manuals.

4-H Projects

A project is a topic that you can explore. You’ll learn life skills like understanding yourself, communicating and working with others and problem solving and decision making skills that you will use for the rest of your life.

Choosing a 4-H Project

Think about what you like to do or what you are interested in and then look at the list of projects.

Some of the project manuals are available through the UI Extension, Latah County office and some are online.

Chose one that looks interesting, and find out more about it. Your 4-H leader and your parent can also help you decide.

Remember to check with your 4-H leader to find out if there are requirements for the project.

Projects List

Please visit the UI Extension 4-H Youth Development website for a list of projects.

Not all of these projects may be offered by your club or county 4-H program, but this is a great place to explore.

If there is something that you are interested in and it’s not on the list, talk with your county 4-H staff member.

Completing Project Guides and Manuals

Your 4-H leader or county 4-H staff member will have a list of project manuals or guides.

The member, parents and leader choose the activities. Members may plan to do a little or a lot based on their interests and abilities. Project plans and goals change as a member’s interests change.

Time Commitment

Time commitment depends on the size and scope of a member’s plan and goals.

Some projects take a few days, weeks or even months. Some projects are repeated or undertaken again the following year to learn more and accomplish more goals.

Awards and Recognition

There are several ways to receive awards and recognition for completing projects. Check with your county 4-H staff member or 4-H leader to find out if there are special requirements.

4-H Programs

4-H programs are underneath the three mission mandate areas of science, engineering and technology, healthy living and citizenship.

They differ from 4-H projects because they include a variety of knowledge areas and are inclusive of many projects and events.

Programs can target specific audiences, seek out community partnerships and have funding sources that provide resources.

The identified 4-H program areas in Idaho are:

State and National Events

Idaho's 4-H offers a number of opportunities to youth at a state and national level, such as STAC, KYG, CWF, ambassadors, National 4-H Congress and much more. Get involved with these major events here.


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