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Family Finance

Classes and Workshops

We offer classroom-style presentations where participants are given valuable, research-based information. We also offer workshops with an additional element of hands-on participation.

Our Financial Conference

April 5

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Kiddo Classes

Each class takes between 45 minutes to one hour depending on class size. Everything is free with these classes… all the supplies and the class itself.

In this class, we make/paint a piggy bank and learn about saving our money. We talk about money and what we can do with money saved. I provide all of the greenware piggy banks, jewels, stickers, paint, brushes, etc. for this activity. The children leave with a finished piggy bank at the end of the day.

In this class, we make three small piggy banks and learn about spending, saving and sharing. Again, all of the materials and fun stuff is provided. This group will leave with three piggy banks and a University of Idaho backpack to take them home. There is also a story that starts them out on this activity. I will tell you that in the past, this has been a favorite class and the kids love making their banks “perfect.”

In this class, we read a story about where money comes from and then we make chore charts with all the fun stuff. It is a very fun activity that allows kids to see how they can help to make money for a favorite toy or maybe even for their piggy banks that they made in the other classes.

Based off a board game, students become their game pieces for this fast-paced game of collecting, counting and consolidating coins to bigger denominations. They love getting to spin the wheel to see which coins need to be avoided in order to collect their cash prize from the banker. For larger classes, students work as a team to reach their goal of the most money for the final prize.

Interactive Simulations

Simulations are events that require volunteers and larger spaces and are highly interactive. Learning is discovered through participation.

Do you ever dream about traveling or taking an extravagant vacation? This simulation gives you a sneak peek to what your dream trip will cost and will provide you with tools to plan accordingly.

Great for kids age eight to 13, go on a spending spree and see how much this “stuff” is really going to cost. Great lesson on how credit works.

This interactive scavenger hunt helps college students explore campus services while learning to be financially successful before and after graduation.

Experience poverty through a live-action simulation. Participants role-play the lives of low-income families. Learn what you can do to help end poverty.

As future (and current) leaders, we have the opportunity to shape our world. In this fast-paced, fun simulation, you will learn the art of negotiation and key principles of effective leadership. The game combines chance and skill at trading and bargaining to secure your position in the game. Don’t let these last sentences fool you though. It is a ton of fun and the winners walk away with a goody bag full of chocolate deliciousness. Everyone leaves with a better understanding of outstanding leadership and how our decisions have a ripple effect on others.

“At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” ― Maya Angelou

This reality game focuses on how different financial and social classes interact. It is a great learning experience… and completely shocking. “StarPower” gives a real-world example of how we treat each other socially even when money isn’t involved.

Giving participants of all ages a glimpse of the future, in a fun and interactive way. Learn some basic financial planning, decision making and goal setting skills, explore a possible career choice, and find out another reason why school is so important.

Explore career opportunities and make lifestyle and spending choices. Adaptable for use in a three-hour activity or in multiple classroom sessions.

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