Child Development, M.S.

Helping children thrive.

Gain advanced knowledge and skills to make a lasting impact in the lives of children and families. Explore cognitive and socio-emotional development in children as you prepare for a wide range of career opportunities. Participate in innovative research and faculty-led projects that lead to real impacts for children and their families. You will work with an advisor to design an individualized program that fits your career goals.

This degree could be a food fit if you:

  • Have an undergraduate degree in education, psychology, sociology, human development, child development or a related field
  • Have an interest in conducting research (thesis track)
  • Have an interest in working with young children in education settings (non-thesis track)

Graduates will be prepared for a wide range of careers in the private and public sector, including:

  • Early childhood teacher or administrator (preschool)
  • Elementary teacher or administrator (e.g., K-3)
  • Child, family and school social worker
  • Education administrators, preschool and childcare center/program

Available On-Campus

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