Office of Technology Transfer

The OTT is part of the University Research Office at the University of Idaho and is responsible for managing the University intellectual property (IP) portfolio that has arisen from the research activities of scientists and students at the University. Learn More
Novel SCT System for Two-Stroke Engine (OTT case 11-003)
Summary - A novel Synchronous Charge Trapping (SCT) system has been designed for a two-stroke engine that reduces fuel use, improves torque at low engine speeds, and reduces unburned hydrocarbon emissions.
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C5-functionalized Pyrimide Nucleotides (OTT case 09-026)
Summary - C5-functionalized pyrimidine Locked Nucleic Acid (LNA) and alph-L-LNA building block for applications within nucleic acid based therapeutics, diagnostics and nanoscience.
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Nanospring Coatings for Prosthesis Applications (OTT case 10-018)
Summary - The invention allows for the use of metal-functionalized silicon dioxide nanosprings to promote bone growth around and within orthopedic implants.
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Categorization of Microfloral Communities (OTT case 04-027)
Summary - The present disclosure provides methods for defining one or more microbial communities. In an example, the method can include providing a plurality of microbial profiles, wherein each microbial profile is established from a sample of microorganisms obtained from an individual subject. The method can also include identifying one or more consensus profiles from among the plurality of microbial profiles.
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