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95.12 - Weapons


  • Position: Public Safety and Security Executive Director
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Last updated: January 01, 2015

Preamble: Idaho Code Section 18-3309 permits qualified retired law enforcement officers and individuals who have obtained an Idaho enhanced concealed weapon license, to possess a concealed firearm on public college and university property; with the exception of carrying within student dormitories or residence halls and at public entertainment/sporting facilities with a seating capacity of greater than 1,000. [ed. 1-15]

A. General. The University of Idaho (University) recognizes that a safe and secure environment is critical to maintaining a climate that is conducive to learning. The University weapons policy is consistent with State of Idaho law and the governing policies and procedures of the Board of Regents of the University of Idaho.

B. Definitions:

B-1. “Concealed Carry” means carrying a firearm in a fashion so that the firearm is not discernible by ordinary observation, and is in such close proximity to the person that it is readily accessible for prompt use.

B-2. “Weapon” as used in this policy means any dangerous instrument (excluding tools used for authorized work and/or University programs) that could readily cause harm to members of the University community; this includes but is not limited to:

a.   Firearms, which mean any instrument used in the propulsion of shot, shell, bullets, or other harmful objects by the action of gunpowder exploded within it, by the action of compressed air within it, by the power of springs and including what are commonly known as air rifles, BB guns, and pellet guns; 

b.  Edged weapons, including any non-culinary blade or knife of four inches or more in length such as a dagger, dirk or stiletto; sheathed, folding, or pocketknives with blades longer than four inches; swords or sword canes; hand axes, tomahawks;

c.   Impact weapons similar to truncheons or batons, including Billy clubs, nightsticks, tonfa, escrima or other types of clubs; 

d.   Impact weapons similar to saps, Blackjacks or slapjacks; leather or other material ensheathing steel, shot, or other weight attached to a spring or rigid handle;

e.   Composite impact weapons such as nunchaku, two- or three-sectional staffs; multiple batons connected by cord or chain;  

f.    Thrown weapons such as shuriken or throwing stars, spikes, darts, boomerangs, kunai, bolas; whether blunt or edged; 

g.   Impact weapons similar to artificial knuckles or claws made from metal, plastic, or other similar hard material; 

h.   Ranged weapons such as blowguns, bow and arrow, crossbows;

i.    Electric shock weapons such as Stun Guns, Tasers or instruments of like kind or description; 

j.    Flexible weapons of leather, cordage, or chain, such as bullwhips, kusari-gama, rope darts;

k.   Prop, “facsimile”, or fake weapons, except those used as part of an academic program or University activity and approved by the Executive Director of Public Safety & Security. [B-2 add. 1-15]

C. Policy: The University of Idaho allows the concealed carry of firearms and ammunition by holders of licenses described in Idaho Code Section 18-3309(2) under the conditions and limitations set out in that section. Any other possession of weapons, including open carry, on University property is prohibited under the authority granted in Idaho Code Section 18-3309 (1) unless specifically approved by the Executive Director of Public Safety & Security or as specified in this policy. [ed. 1-15]

C-1. Exceptions.

a. ROTC/Memorial Gym Firing Range. Firearms may be brought onto campus for use in the ROTC/Memorial Gym Firing Range in accordance with ROTC Firing Range rules. Firearms must be transported to the range unloaded, encased, with a trigger lock attached or otherwise rendered inoperable.

b. University Experimental Forests. Certain University Experimental Forests are open to hunting, therefore possession of hunting firearms on those University properties is allowed. For more information about hunting access and/or firearm possession on University Experimental Forests, contact the College of Natural Resources, (208) 885-8981 or visit

c.  University Academic Programs or Activities.  Exceptions for University sponsored activities must be approved in advance, by the Executive Director of Public Safety & Security. [add. 1-15]

C-2. Concealed Carry License Status. Authorized permit holders are not required to disclose their status to anyone other than a law enforcement officer. The University will not maintain a list of concealed carry license holders, this information is not a matter of public record. University of Idaho employees may not, under any circumstances, require students or other employees to disclose their concealed carry license status.

C-3. Firearm Storage.

a. The University of Idaho operates a weapons storage service on the Moscow campus for the convenience of students and employees. This is the only authorized location for storing a weapon on University property, with the exception of ROTC. For more information about storing weapons, contact the Office of Public Safety and Security:; e-mail:[ed. 1-15]

b. Firearms must be delivered to the weapons storage facility attendant unloaded, encased, with a trigger lock attached or otherwise rendered inoperable.

C-4. Public Entertainment/Sporting Facilities with a seating Capacity of Greater than 1,000. Authorized permit holders may not carry a concealed firearm in the ASUI Kibbie Dome Complex, The Memorial Gym, or the Bruce M. Pitman Center (Pitman Center). The University will post signs that specify this restriction as set out in Idaho Code Section 18-3309 (2). [ed. 1-15]

C-5. Student Dormitory or Residence Hall. Authorized permit holders shall not carry a concealed firearm within student dormitories or residence halls. “Student dormitory or residence hall” means a university owned building located on or within the campus area designated to house persons residing on campus as students.

D. Contact Information. For questions regarding this policy, contact The Office of Public Safety & Security:; e-mail:

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